LoL Pacific Championship Series Week 6 Results

Week 6 of PCS marks the end of the Regular Season phase of the league, with two teams missing out on playoff spots. On Friday, Liyab Esports (LYB) kicked the weekend off by playing four matches in a row to complete their previously postponed matches. They had to face the top three teams - Machi Esports (MCX), ahq eSports club (AHQ), and Talon Esports (TLN) - in the first three matches and unfortunately lost all three, before gaining a valuable victory over Nova Esports (NOV) to mark the end of a tough night. LYB needed one additional win on Saturday against Resurgence (RSG) to guarantee a spot in the playoffs, but failed to defend against the in-form Singapore-based team.

RSG’s fairytale comeback story came to a sour end when they failed to beat their final opponent, Talon Esports (TLN), eventually finishing in 10th place with a 5-13 record. TLN certainly was in nood mood to give any team a free pass to the playoffs, beating and driving their Hong Kong rivals Hong Kong Attitude (HKA) into a 3-way tiebreaker with J Team (JT) and LYB.

The aforementioned three teams ended their Regular Season with a 6-12 record, triggering the Strength of Schedule tiebreaker after several matches. JT, having bested stronger teams this split, took their bows with a guaranteed playoff spot. HKA and LYB played the do-or-die tiebreaker match but sadly for LYB, they suffered a crushing defeat that effectively ended their journey in the spring split.

At the top end of the ranking, MCX ended the Regular Season with a 12-game winning streak to secure the 1st seed spot in the playoffs. AHQ settled with the 2nd place finish, and both teams will earn a bye in the upper bracket.

NOV suffered two defeats in Week 6, but narrowly secured their upper bracket spot in 6th place. Alpha Esports (ALF) finished the split with a grim, single win in the last five games, a worrying loss of form for the team that sneaked them into 5th place despite their recent torrid run.

Berjaya Dragons (BJD) continued to display tenacity, beating teams in the lower half of the ranking and concluding with a 4th place finish. They surprised fans, analysts, and casters alike, who predicted for them to finish in 9th place at the start of the split.

For the Top Five highlight plays of the week, please check out the video here:

Match of the Week - Liyab Esports (LYB) vs Resurgence (RSG)

LYB desperately needed a win in their final game of the split to guarantee a spot in the playoffs, or be forced to a tiebreaker. RSG had to defeat both LYB and TLN on the same day to keep their playoffs dream alive. Both teams pulled out all the stops in this match, with early kill exchanges demonstrating how badly both wanted the win.

LYB’s Korean import, Kurd, returned as their starting top laner for the second game in a row - deservingly, after his MVP performance against NOV the previous night. His gung-ho playstyle helped him score an early 3 kills on the Mordekaiser, despite RSG’s numerous attempts to perform early ganks on the Korean player. However, it all started to fall apart for Kurd after he helped his team wrestle the Rift Herald away from RSG, yet finding himself outnumbered and overwhelmed by RSG’s bot lane duo of Mexi and Dennis. Mexi’s Varus landed his ‘Chain of Corruption’ on Kurd, followed by Thresh’s ‘Death Sentence’, to complete a deadly chain CC combo for Mexi and to finish off the kill.

Despite signs of improvement after successfully stealing the Cloud Drake from RSG in the 13th minute of the game, Kurd was punished yet again for overcommitting on RSG Raven by burning his Flash and Q - “Obliterate”. LYB Doedoii was unable to support Kurd sufficiently, while Raven bought enough time for RSG Epic, Dennis, and Mexi to join the fight, overwhelming the top laner and jungler.

LYB’s anxiety set in, leading to a rash decision to sneakily take on the Mountain Dragon despite the summoner spell ‘Teleport’ being available for the split, pushing RSG Shinsekai into a full-blown team fight. LYB unwittingly trapped all five members of their team within the dragon pit and found themselves quickly surrounded by RSG. LYB Kurd decided to confront the opposing Jungler, RSG Epic, whose ‘Smite’ was a major threat to their attempt of stealing the dragon. Before Kurd was able to land his R to banish Epic into the Realm of Death, the Rek’sai was able to tunnel away into safety. LYB’s remaining four members in the pit were too far away from Kurd, and found themselves getting destroyed by Mexi. The Singaporean bot laner paired with Raven to burst down on LYB Rex, forcing him to go golden. A perfect ‘Piercing Arrow’ by Mexi through LYB Rex and Exosen sent their HP plummeting. RSG ended the fight by securing a perfect Ace, not losing a single member of their while eliminating all on LYB side.

Thanks to that perfect fight, RSG swung the momentum to their side and did not allow LYB to bounce back. RSG ultimately won the game. However, they needed a win against TLN as well but their dreams were dashed in that match, ending their 4-game win streak, along with their split. LYB’s chances of qualifying for the playoffs were severely threatened after losing this match. They eventually lost to HKA in the tiebreaker match on Sunday.

Player of the week - TLN Kaiwing

TLN Kaiwing and TLN Unified have been touted as the best bot lane pairing at the start of PCS, and the support player from Hong Kong has remained consistent throughout the split. Despite not having matches to play coming into Week 6, Kaiwing remained instrumental in helping his team score three victories within three days. Playing as Blitzcrank against RSG, his hook was a constant threat, picking off RSG players one at a time. Playing alongside him, Unified never seemed to be in danger, as showcased in the match against LYB. Kaiwing on Tahm Kench never left Unified unprotected and his heroic act at the end of the game - cutting off LYB Exosen’s escape by using ‘Abyssal Voyage’ right behind the carry, tanking under the Nexus Towers to allow his teammates a free feed of LYB - earned him the MVP award. His second MVP award of the week came when they faced against HKA on Bard, a match that ended with 0/0/17 KDA.

Full match week results

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