LOL Patch Update 10.6: Wukong Modified, Updated Matchmaking System and Jungle Champions

Riot launch once more another big revamp on League of Legends through their new patch update 10.6. The Monkey King Wukong underwent changes and now ready to rock and roll against other champions. The matchmaking system was also tweaked to avoid an unbalance amount of autofilled players while more non-jungle champions have given an upgrade to their skills to become a decent jungler.

Other highlights in the update include a brand new list of champions who will get nerfed and buffed as well as the releasing of new Dark Star skin and improved Chromas

So without further ado, let’s get it on and dive into the new 10.6 patch update Summoners!


Players will now notice in the new patch that Solo/Duo queue in the matchmaking system will now less likely to launch games where teams do not have the same number of autofilled players. Matches will start a little longer to put an autofilled player for the teams who have an insufficient number of players or if it’s possible to even put an autofilled player at all. This according to patch note of LOL is to ensure to make it fair as possible for each player who is into Solo/Duo matchmaking where this new system is currently integrated.


Our favorite Monkey King is now available from the champion’s roster and changes were made to it specifically on its skills. Its Crushing Blow skill’s bonus damage now includes property damage to structure. The damage dealt by its Warrior Trickster’s decoy is now also adjusted against both structures and champions.

Here is a rundown of changes done to Wukong on its stats and skills:

Magic Resist: 28
Health: 540
Mana Growth: 45

PASSIVE -STONE SKIN - Wukong will not gain any more bonus magic resist for this skill. However, it will grant him a maximum of 0.5% health regen per seconds and its bonuses are increased by 62.5% for 5 seconds every time Wukong or his decoy is hit by champions or monsters

CRUSHING BLOW- Faster cast time and players will now monitor how much time left to use its empowered attack via an additional timer display. Its cooldown will also decrease to by 0.5 seconds when Wukong or his decoy deals damage.

WARRIOR TRICKSTER- Added a 300 range dash that can’t go over walls. Decoy no longer deals AOE damage after disappearing. Cooldown is increased but mana cost will now be 60 all through its levels. Decoy’s damage will be significantly reduced but can now mimic Wukong’s attack and even his ultimate. There are also changes to the Decoy’s nature of attack as they attack those that Wukong has recently attacked and gained different buff upon using Wukong’s skills (empowered attack for Crushing Blow, attack speed bonus for Nimbus Strike). Decoy will also knocked-up enemies that haven’t knocked-up already upon the initial cast of Cyclone.

NIMBUS STRIKE- Damage is now increased and now it is magic instead of physical damage. Bonus attack speed and attack speed buff duration also underwent an increase. Cooldown will start at 10 and lowers up until 8 seconds upon leveling. Mana cost increases significantly but now the distance to target after post-dash is now 75.

CYCLONE- It can now be cast for a second time within 8 seconds and can knock-up again the enemies after the second cast. It can now be canceled by casting other skills and its attack speed bonus from Nimbus Strike will be refreshed while he is spinning.


Continuing the series of improvement to increase the pool of jungle champions, here is the third round of champions that received some buff to make them a potential pick for jungle players.

BRAND - Its passive Blaze will now deal 120% damage to monsters

MORGANA - Its Tormented Shadow skill will now deal 120% damage to monsters

SHEN - Its Twilight Assault will now inflict up to 200 damage to monsters

TEEMO - ts Blinding Dart will last 100% loner to monsters and its Toxic Shot’s poison damage is increased to 150% to monsters.

YORICK - Its Shepherd of Souls skill will now raise grave on large monsters death and Mist Walkers will take 50% reduced damage from monsters.

ZYRA - Plant’s damage deals 150% damage to monsters.


Here is a short run-down of Champions that received buffed and get nerfed for the new update:

ANIVIA - Glacial Storm last up to 3 seconds

APHELIOS - Severum deals less damage (3-20%) as well as Infernum (30%) and Crescendum (24% - 164%)

DARIUS - Crippling Strike has an increase in mana cost (40) and decreases damage (maximum of 60%). Its Apprehend skill also increase its mana cost but scales down as rank increase.

DRAVEN - Blood Rush’s decaying movement speed increase up to 70%

GAREN - It's base stat for magic resist decrease to 0.75 and the Crit Strike ratio of Judgement is reduced to 33%.

HECARIM - Onslaught of Shadow’s fear duration is increased to 0.75-2 seconds.

KAYN - Its Orb from The Darkin Scythe gain an increased speed on later levels up to 15%

KINDRED - Damage growth is decreased to 2.5 and mana regen increased to 7. Wolf Frenzy’s health restores increased to 49-100 and the heal effect of Lamb’s Respite increase up to 400.

MORGANA - Movement speed increased to 335 and Black Shield’s damage increase on early levels.

RYZE - Mana regen growth increase to 1 and Rune Prison deals more damage later to 200.

SENNA - Its passive Absolution decreased its attack damage per soul by 0.75 and the cooldown now scales from 6 to 4 seconds on later levels.

SHACO - Clone basic attack damage from the Hallucinate skills decreases to 60%.

SORAKA - Starcall’s rejuvenation skill increase up to 90 and movement speed bonus is now 15-25%

TWISTED FATE - Blue Card and Red Card ratio AP increase to 0.9 and 0.6 ability power respectively.

URGOT - Corrosive Charge’s slow duration increase to 1.25 seconds and Disdain’s stun duration went up to 1 second.

VEIGAR - Base stats fro attack, damage growth and armor increased significantly. The base damage of Baleful Strike has now increased up to 240.

XERATH - Eye of Destruction’ center damage increased to 66.7% and damage per shot of Rite of Arcane increased up to 300.


Dark Star skin will be available soon for Xerath, Mordekaiser and Malphite as well as Talon Blackwood, Taric Luminshield and Twitch Shadowfoot. New chromas will also release for the above-mentioned champions.

You can visit LOL’s official page for more comprehensive details on update patch notes. Now go forth Summoners and lead your champions to victory in the Rift!