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    First of welcome to the Pinoy Gamer League of Legends community forum or LoL PH for short. Below are the activities and things we encourage you to do:

    Official Updates and Announcements
    League of Legends keeps on updating, especially the PBE which updates basically every week. So we encourage members to start threads relating to LoL updates that affect the Garena version. You can also post rumors leaks even upcoming heroes unannounced to the public, basically making this a hub for all League of Legends information in the Philippines.

    If you are looking for other platforms you can check us out here LoL PH Discord or Facebook Group


    Gameplay Tactics and Strategies
    Not everyone is good at playing League of Legends so we encourage users to share their gameplay strategies, tactics and other mechanics based on their familiarity in LoL. Because in Pinoy Gamer we encourage helping one another as this will be beneficial for all Filipino LoL players in the end.

    League of Legends Events and eSports
    LoL is a big game and it attracts lots of organizers from small brands to large brands so we encourage to share information about upcoming in games events as well as local League of Legends Tournament.

    We know you have favorite players and teams so why not start a discussion.

    Looking for Team or Clans
    Sometimes you just need a friend to help you out so why not look for new players here. You can basically search for existing threads or create your own LFG to match specifics such a required rank, time, and add other needs.


    LoL Rants
    Let's face it everyone gets tilted pro or amateur lol players, so the perfect way to vent it is why not share those stories some might even have had a similar story to tell.

    Bugs and Problems
    League of Legends is far for perfect as there are bugs and problems like hero balancing, overpowered weapons or local ISP in the Philippines just acting up so why not share those so all other Filipino gamer would know.


    We know the official forum is a bit biased deleting a post and banning users so feel free to use our version, we promise to be unbiased on every topic relating to Garena League of Legends.

    So begin making threads here
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    globe isp.. kung bakit lag sa LOL

    Dear Summoners,
    We are keenly aware that Summoners have been experiencing disconnects and in-game lag when playing League of Legends, and have implemented a new measure that aims to reduce disconnects as well as in-game lag.

    Recap of the current situation
    We have previously explained how the disconnects and in-game lag that users are experiencing are caused by the congestion in the internet connection between Globe and the PH League of Legends platform (readmore here). We have been actively working with Globe to resolve this issue, and while Globe have committed to increase their internet bandwidth that connects to our server, the increase in bandwidth will only occur some time in the future.

    To be clear, the current situation is bad for all League of Legends players, whether you are using Globe or another ISP. When the Globe line gets congested, Globe users will experience disconnects and in-game lag. In addition, this will also sometimes cause all players in certain League of Legends games to experience lag and delays (no matter what ISP you are using), sometimes to the point of making the game unplayable. This is why after extensive discussions with Riot Games, we have decided to take action now to improve the current situation while waiting for the Globe upgrade to be implemented.
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    In the Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary we were invited to the behind the scenes and unveiling of the new games based on the League of Legends IP. We were also lucky enough to participate in the Question and Answer portion for the new titles they unveiled like the Wild Rift, Arcane, and many more. We are joined by Jennifer Poulson (Head of Growth & Launch, SEA at Riot Games) and Justin Hulog (General Manager, Southeast Asia and Taiwan at Riot Games)

    In the Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary we were invited to the behind the scenes and unveiling of the new games based on the League of Legends IP. We were also lucky enough to participate in the League of Legends Wild Rift Question and Answer in Singapore with Jane Chen, Jia Tan, and Chris Tran.

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