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Nov 4, 2018
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Greetings Summoners,

Since League of Legends does not have a built-in replay system at the moment, we use a third-party program called "LoL Replay" to do just that. Here's a simple guide on how to use LoL Replay.

First of all, download LoL Replay from its official website:
Download LoL Replay

After downloading, install LoL Replay. This software requires .NET Framework and DirectX. You may download the programs from the links given in the LoL Replay website above.

After installation, LoL Replay will be available in your System Tray. Double click on the LoL Replay icon here or from your desktop.

To set-up your LoL Replay, click on the Options button (see number 1). Browse to your League of Legends directory by clicking the browse button (see number 2).

You may also change your Replay Directory from the Options menu. After making the changes, click on OK.
You're all set! Everytime you play a game, may it be a Custom game or Normal game, LoL Replay will automatically record your game.
You may share your replay files by getting them from your Replay Directory. You may also rename these files. Replay files have the file extension ".lrf".

To playback replay files shared by friends, simply copy their .lrf files to your Replay Directory.
After copying, open your LoL Replay and select your friend's replay file. After selecting, press Play.

Alternatively, you may just double-click on the .lrf files to launch the game's replay. This is assuming you've set-up your game client path correctly.

That's it guys! Thank yous go to leaguereplays for making such a wonderful tool!

Hope this guide proves helpful to everyone!