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Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by Seulgi, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Seulgi

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: Cygnus

    Short Intro:
    My team is looking for some new members who's active, and can play with us. We're willing to teach unexperience players that want to be part of this group.

    Mga nilalaro namen:
    Dota 2
    APB Reloaded
    League of Legends
    (Actually lahat ng laro na maisipan)

    Things you want to know:
    May teamspeak server kame. Eto ginagamet nmen para mag communicate --->>> Eto link kung wala kayo idea kung ano yung teamspeak

    Almost lahat kame may mic. Kaya mas maganda kung meron ka din! :D


    Kung gusto nyo kame makausap pasok lang sa teamspeak namen nasa screenshot yung IP Address

    Teamspeak Download Link:
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