Looking for new clan members for Clash Royale


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Nov 19, 2017
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Hell•Fire Crew™
Looking for new clan members for Clash Royale.

Clan name: Hell•Fire Crew™
Clan tag: #90RVJJ2V

#1 Clan Rule: 100+ donates AND 30+ crowns every clan chest. (both are required to maintain membership/position.

Other Clan Rules:

#2 Be KIND & stay ACTIVE.
•Any negativity towards a clanmate will not be tolerated.

#3 Promotions? EARN IT, DON'T DEMAND IT.
•Top 3 in clan chest will be promoted to Elder.
•Top 1 in clan chest for 3 consecutive times will earn Co-leader.
•Co-leads can only promote/demote, based on our clan rules. DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWER.

#4 During clan chest with an almost full (9/10), any member still with 0 crowns will be kicked out. While Elders will be demoted.

#5 Obey the rules. And enjoy friendly battles.

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