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Dec 21, 2015
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As a general PC gamer and a usual Steam DRM user, I find the prices of the games on that store expensive or worse, region locked so that means it prevents us from buying games outside the selected borders.

That sucks in two reasons, one is that we could get them cheaper other than the first party shops (steam, origin, blizzard....etc) and the second one is We can't buy directly from steam if we want to gift or trade that game to someone who's at the other side of the region.

That is why I'm here to share with you guys on where's the best place to get cheaper and region-lock-free games.

To start off we have kinguin:


This site is packed with games in almost all of the available DRM from steam, origin & blizzard to name a few. Not only that, the shop sells insanely cheaper Softwares like danti viruses & Microsoft Operating Systems. And their recent trends is selling CS:GO weapon skins.

Next is HRK:


This is the latest site I visited based in Germany and what so special about them is some games and mainly AAA titles will have 4 free steam keys where you can either redeem them for your self or trade them or give them to someone for free.

Those are the two online shops that I already tried and got a lot of games on sale.

If you guys have other recommendations please let us know! It saves a lot of money for us and more chance to either give them away or gift games to others if choose to.
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