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Apr 20, 2015
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Maybe you heard about the myth thatchanging your language or location Clash of Clans will affect the lootand amount of abandoned bases? This started mainly last year in summer when Clash of Clans startedhaving massive loot problemsfor all of us. Lots – or let’s better say some – Clashers started the debate that they changed their game language or location and started getting massive load of loot and even if the loot situation got better from additional war loot and raised League Bonus this is still a topic which crosses my way from time to time. In this post I will show you why this is not affecting the loot at all and why it doesn’t affect it but first let’s have a look at how you’re able to change this.

Changing your location or language in Clash of Clans
Changing your language
When you go to the setting in the game you’re able to change the language manually. Please mind that this will only change the language the game will be in and not affect the global chat.

Even when you set your game language to english doesn’t mean you’re in an english Global Chat now – I’ve set my language to english as well but when I hit the Global Chat I still see people from Germany there as I’m in Germany. The language of your Global Chat is based on the location where you log in and I’m pretty sure it’s based on your geographical IP.

If you want to be in another language Chat you can do this by using a VPN software.

Changing your location in Clash of Clans
This one gets more tricky. When you install the game your location is from what App Store you installed it from which is based on your address you shared with either the Google Play Store or the App Store.

This means like you might have already thought you can’t change it by yourself in the game – also going somewhere else or even switching you address won’t change that. If you really must have another location you have to write the Supercell support an email with all your in-game data and kindly ask them to do it. Anyway there is no real use in doing that because it won’t change anything beside the local Leaderboard you see – but I will cover that in the second half of this post.

Why changing your location or language isn’t affecting anything in the game
Ok, now it’s time to hit what I really want to cover in this post. I have all the reasons wrapped up here and if someone is telling you that changing the language or location will give you a boost in loot you know why he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The player pool you get matched again when searching for a battle or a Clan War is global – this means we’re all set up in one single pool and every Clasher in the world can get matched against us. Have a look at the names (mainly of the Clans) of the player you get matched against – you’ll see all kind of origins. I think we can exclude the possibility that had the world changed their location (especially when this is only possible via a support mail). This also wouldn’t even make sense to have different player pools because on what basis will this work? Also, when you have different player pools but also a location based ranking they will have to connect them with each other. You see this is not working.

Why do people think it works?
There’s a single word that explains why this myth is still around – variance. If you roll a dice ten times and three times you’ll get the #2 doesn’t mean that #2 gets rolled most on a dice. Some people simply tried the switching and they luckily hit a vein of loot so they started thinking it really work but it was nothing else than by chance. After the discussion about this got really excited I’m also sure some trolls also started picking it up so here’s what I can tell you – play Clash of Clans in the language you like to play it most and only change your location when you move to another country for good.