Lost Ark Mobile is set to be revealed at the G-STAR 2023 after being in development for six years

At the upcoming G-STAR 2023, Smilegate RPG will make a much-awaited announcement about Lost Ark Mobile, the product of a six-year development process. The highly anticipated mobile version of the critically acclaimed PC MMORPG Lost Ark has drawn a lot of interest as observers and players alike wonder if the popularity of the original game will translate to mobile devices.


Lost Ark Mobile is set to take the spotlight at G-STAR 2023​

Since2018, Smilegate RPG's CEO Ji Won-Gil has been directly in charge of production of Lost Ark Mobile. The project features an experienced team of professionals, one of them is TD Choi Eui-Jong, who worked at Neowiz and Wemade IO and contributed to games like Lost Saga and Icarus in the past.

Lost Ark was developed at Smilegate RPG in 2011 by Ji Won-Gil, who is well-known for overseeing Crossfire's Chinese service. In 2016, the studio also started working on Project W, which resulted in the team growing to over thirty people. But in August 2017, work on Project W came to an end. Following the successful release of Lost Ark on the PC, a committed group was established to lead the development of Lost Ark Mobile.


Lost Ark Mobile has been a long-term project that has generated interest on its development status and release date. It is approaching its sixth year of planning and team building. While some rumors point to a 2025 release, there isn't any hard data to back up this assertion.

Lost Ark Mobile's launch has been made possible by Smilegate RPG's outstanding financial success from the previous year, which saw sales of KRW 736.9 billion (PHP 31 billion) and operating profit of KRW 364.1 billion (PHP 15 billion). Smilegate RPG's strategic launch in China through Tencent in July, combined with the success of its services in North America and Europe, sets the company for significant expansion.

Lost Ark Mobile Teaser​

Industry analysts compare Smilegate RPG's mobile sales to NC's flagship Lineage series, which were up to ten times greater on mobile than on PC, and believe that if Lost Ark Mobile continues on this same path, Smilegate RPG will become a major player in the gaming industry. With Lost Ark Mobile making its debut in the spotlight, there are a lot of moving parts involved, and everyone will be watching G-STAR 2023.

Currently, Lost Ark Mobile news is exclusive to Korea, but considering how well-liked the game is worldwide, there is a noticeable sense of expectation for a worldwide release, indicating that one may be approaching soon.