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Jul 7, 2019
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Lost Lineage is a popular western fantasy styled MMOARPG with competitive gameplay and an innovative fantasy storyline. Its characters have been brought to life by a fantastic cast of voice actors in order to provide the most enjoyable experience to players. With aesthetic style and captivating soundtrack, the game has been well received since its launch. The game sets a grand worldview, and as the legend goes, the dreaded dragons have not been wiped out. Hence, the warriors need to focus on finding the reawakened descendants of the dragons and eradicating them in order to defend the continent together!

[Strategy] Upgrade Fast

How to accumulate Exp. quickly? Stay up late? Nope! In Lost Lineage, you can upgrade rapidly through Exp. Dungeon, exp. activities such as bathing dance, and so on. With some items, upgrading drastically is no longer a dream~

All upgrading secrets are here. Let’s get to the point! Join bathing beach and guild gales. There are so many friends here! At the mean time, you can obtain massive exp.! The most popular guy will gain most exp.~ Will you be the lucky dog?

Exp. Dungeon is a key way to upgrade. Three in a group, you will grant 30% exp. Bonus. Two in a group, 20% exp. bonus. More exp., click Battlecry and Efficiency or use items such as gold and B.diamond.

Another way is offline botting plus exp. Scroll. You may gain exp. Online and offline. Offline botting card can be obtained in daily rewards, guild salary and store.

Last but not least, Devil Ball and Growth Eirei are necessary for fabulous exp.

[Strategy] How to Make Money

In a game, gear is an important part. There is no exception in Lost Lineage. Do you always feel jealous when other players gain divine gears dropped by boss? One day, you got a message that Market System is open. Check now!
Wow! Amazing! There are all sorts of things such as top gear, rare material, pet and so on. You can trade all the unbound items here.

You would like to buy a red gear but found you couldn’t afford it. Wait a minute! Launch my extra gear that I don’t need or that doesn’t fit my sex into the market! Oh yes! I can also set my price~ With this platform, my mom would no longer worry about me~If I am lucky enough, I can get a rare gear and sell it here! Wow, I feel a little excited imagining that I will be rich one day!

[Gameplay Guide] Abyss Ghostdom

Welcome to Abyss Ghostdom!~

In Abyss Ghostdom, you get Ghostdom Daily, namely Elf King entrustment and crystal collect.

Complete daily quest, kill boss or collect crystal, you may get bounty points~

Bounty point equals to diamond in Bounty Shop. It can be used to buy shard or giftpack of Envoy.

Strategy Hunt Result!
You guys may follow this guide to get level up fast in-game.

1. EXP Vault
This event, as mentioned, will be most of your exp source. Here is how to maximize how much exp you get:
1.1 - Equip EXP EIREI MOB EXP and Demon Ball and x2 EXP Ticket during the fight. These two together give you +130% or more exp which is huge.
1.2 - Get VIP 2, or even better, VIP 4. VIP2 is an incredibly important thing as it allows you to purchase one extra attempt into EXP Vault daily. This is a huge benefit since, as stated, EXP Vault is the absolute best source of exp. With VIP 4, you receive a constant +30% exp buff, and with VIP 5 (which can easily be reached due to the +5 VIP exp daily if you are a VIP), you get a second purchase attempt into EXP Vault. This is a no-brainer
1.3 - Run in a team of 3. This is very easy to accomplish. Even if your server friends aren't able to run with you, this game has a very convenient auto-matching system which finds you teammates in no longer than 15 seconds. The reason this is important to do is to receive an additional +20% exp buff.(Writer:actually, two is better than 3, since you can kill more monster in average)
1.4 - Run with people of the same level. I found that this maximizes how much exp each enemy gives
1.5 - Increase your ATK. This is an important tip for many aspects in this game. The rate at which you can kill the monsters is directly proportional to your ATK
1.6 - Do EXP Vault towards the end of the day.

2. Dailys or Guild quest
These events give you quite a lot of exp, especially if you do them consistently - it really adds up.
2.1 - Beach party. This event runs every 12:10 game time and gives you passive exp while you're in the event. It's a great way to start the day!
2.3 - Firework or Guild Event - On top of passive exp gives u 7fireworks, you also can light up fireworks to recieve even more exp.
2.4 -Guild poker - This is the card game that plays like real Poker .
2.5.Guild defence/ C.S. Guild war

3.1 - Escort during 2x Escort event if possible! This is important for maximizing your exp daily.

4.1 - Daily quests are a quick, easy way to get exp every day.
4.2 - As with EXP Vault, if possible, do these later in the day. After all, the quests give exp proportionate to your level, so doing them later in the day will maximize your leveling rate!

5.Nether boss + realm boss server boss
5.1 - Kill the highest level bosses you can, and as many as you can. This goes unnoticed by some players, but killing these bosses actually gives you exp as well!

6.1 - Always make sure that you have offline botting time left. Make sure you always keep it above 10 hours or so to make sure that you are never wasting idle time, as you would be losing exp.
6.2 - If you have them, use x1.5 EXP tickets when you're about to go offline for a few hours.
7.1 - Arena. Always use all your daily chances. This is a no-brainer. Challenging players in Arena gives you a decent chunk of exp, so make sure you don't forget about it! Also, if you click on 'Pro Challenge', you actually have an additional 3 attempts in challenging top10 players! So you actually have 13 daily attempts, not 10.