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Jul 7, 2019
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Since the birth of humans, fate has shown neither mercy nor kindness to this poor, suffering species. They fought against a catastrophic flood, a devastating storm and the attack of the Fallen Angel’s Dark Legion. With unimaginable perseverance and unity, they have managed to protect this land until today.

Now, the days are peaceful, and history is slowly being more and more forgotten, passed down as stories from generation to generation. The probable favorite of the people would be the Glory Legion fighting against the evil dragons. The legion was created by a group of young knights and mages in order to fight against the scariest creature of the Dark Legion, the dragons. With the help of elves and the Sirens, they finally defeated and expelled the dragons. However, their success had come with a huge price. They had to return with wounds and the lifeless bodies of their comrades. Every time people listen to these legends, they sigh and lament, then dismiss the stories with satisfaction.

However, there is also skepticism that the stories are not true. It is the dragons they had opposed, a divine species that had existed long before the humans did. They even believe that the dragons were granted with divine power by God. Each and every single one of them would be the most horrible opponent you could ever face. It most definitely by no means easy for a few young men to defeat.

Even so, the disappearance of the dragons is an indisputable fact. Nevertheless, a rumor has been spread; the dragons are not completely extinct. Their descendant is supposedly in a deep slumber somewhere. Trapped by spells, his power is sealed. Anyone who can awaken the dragon can become his new master and obtain the power to conquer the world.

The possible resurrection of the dragon is the sword of Damocles over the heads of people. People are worried and all sorts of ulterior motives have started spreading. If one could really awaken the dragon, could they then possess godlike power? If one could make use of this power, they would be capable of great feats! Once the Pandora’s Box is opened, can it still be closed?

The story stops here. Your mind might be full of thoughts now, but no one really knows what the truth is. The long-lasting peace has drenched the fighting spirit. When danger comes again, will “flight” be your only response? The sleeping dragon is lurking in people’s heart.

The truth is to be unveiled, the dragon, to be awakened and your presence is awaited.

[System Features] Guild System

If you want to grow and get a foothold in the world, you will need a reliable and strong organization to back you up!
A Guild is undoubtedly the most cohesive organization of all. Joining a Guild does not only provide you with various benefits, but also allows you to meet powerful partners!

Today, I will introduce how to find and join a strong guild!
You can choose your own guild. You can also choose to create your own Guild. Whether you want to be a guild president who leads, or just a member of a guild. All depend on you.

You will get to know the guild status after joining the guild.
The guild status is closely related to every guild member, and individual efforts will eventually become the driving force for the guild to grow stronger.

Everyone can contribute to the guild by donating supplies. Submission of Beast Food can summon the Guild BOSS.
Besides guild members can also donate their unwanted materials to the guild storage and receive Guild Points. Guild points can be used to exchange for the equipment and materials you need from the Guild Storage~

By donation, each guild member makes help in building up the guild. As the guild grows stronger, the guild stats will repay the guild members and make its members stronger!

Of course, there are a lot of Guild events!
If you want to upgrade fast, don't miss the Guild Gala where you can receive massive EXP~ There is also fun Poker, let’s see who is the Gambling God of Guild!

[System Features] Marriage System

It is good to have an intimate partner to share happiness and sadness. Are you still single? Marriage system offers you an opportunity to meet your soulmate soon. You would fall in love and take adventure together~ Hurry up! Let’s get married~

In the Hall, everyone publishes their personal information here. If you are attracted by someone, don’t be shy, follow him/her and flirt with flowers.
A romantic story begins here~


The most romantic thing I can imagine is to age with you. I would like to spend my rest of life with you. Will you marry me? Lost Lineage is also available for lovers to get married here~


Love will be stronger after you confront difficulties together. Come and defeat enemies with your spouse in Marriage Dungeon.

Ring does not only symbolize love but also increase buff.

A kit shows your love~ One day a surprise, let your spouse feel sweet all the time.

[System Features] Baby System

Online Parenting, every growth of the Baby gives you sense of achievement.With baby system in Lost Lineage, you can bring along your baby to adventures. Babies are a pro in battles too, they will keep up with you. Have a guess, is it a baby girl or a baby boy?

New experience
Parenting is optional, player can decide whether to have a baby or not after completing Lv. 300 main quests. Cultivating baby brings CP BUFF. As the baby grows, the CP will increase too. Of course, the growth of the baby depends on the hard work of the parents. Complete daily quests to obtain baby Growth Pt.


Babies start to learn talents at G1. Each baby can learn 6 talents. Players need to complete specific quests to obtain Talent Book, deciding the future development of your baby. Baby’s strength will improve as time goes by. Upgrade the talents to make your baby more excellent.

Can infants go in battles? Yes, you can bring your baby to battles at any time. A carrier is the top choice to go traveling. There are 2 carriers available, Baby Stroller and Dragoling, solving your baby’s walking problem easily.

[System Features] Supreme VIP

Lost Lineage supreme VIP - Grow faster than others
There are some players who can have higher Craft chance,more Solo Boss challenge chance, etc. They seem level up much easier than normal players do ~. All of these privileges are because of Super VIP.

There are lots of privileges of Supreme VIP, and it divided into Privilege Trial and Permanent Sole Privilege.
With only 88 Diamond, you can be the supreme VIP and have the Privilege Trial.

For Privilege Trial, players only have access to Trial Privilege shown on above picture except the last one. For Permanent Sole Privilege, Player’s entry chances for Solo Boss can be increased by 1, 1 Luxury Giftpack can be claimed from Supreme VIP interface each day.
Besides, there are daily quest for Supreme VIP players, they can gain Supreme coins after finishing the quest.

The coins can be used to purchase items in shop, purchase last item can unlock the next one.

Complete Advance Quests, players can get Divine Skill. Each Divine Skill has different Buff, receiving passive skill of current secret scroll will auto progress the next one.

If i want to enjoy Permanent Sole Privilege, what can i do?
Here are two methods for your reference to activate :
1. Account Top-Up 100 Diamonds for 7 days
2. Spend 999 Diamonds to purchase and own all permanent privileges.

[System Features] VIP

The whole world is full of competition, The Chosen One survive. As we all know, it is uneasy (T_T). But there is always someone who enjoys privilege and lives a comfortable life.

In Lost Lineage, you can also be that one! Yep! Become VIP, you will be privileged class instantly~(●ↀωↀ●)✧ With PVP and PVE, you are gonna kick your enemy’s ass!

It is not so difficult to become VIPヽ(°▽、°)ノ You only need diamonds to buy it! Besides the price is really nice~ For Sliver VIP, 288 is needed, Gold 666, and Diamond only 999.

Upgrade VIP
Everyday you login, you may gain 5 points VIP Exp.. Using 100 diamonds may increase 1 point. (*︾▽︾)PS: remember to gain VIP Exp. when you login on VIP interface~

Come on! What are you waiting for! It is time to enjoy privilege~

[System Features] Envoy

Lost Lineage-Envoy, Protect you from attacking.
When players battle with others, we all hope that we would not be defeated and have a shield to decrease Damage. We want to be protected~
Envoy is designed for this.

After you activate the Envoy, you can summon God when you challenge, battle in wild and so on. Envoy protects players from damaging before the HP of envoy ends. Envoys have their own skills, it attacks enemies during the Envoy mode. Each 5 minutes players can activate God Summoning States once.

Only Deployed Envoy be able to grant player CP Buff. Upon entering Summoning States, Players will deploy Envoy in sequence every 20 sec.

There are Envoy and Godso, you can check in Index.

As for the Envoy protection rules, players have fixed deployed slot, each deployed Envoy can be equipped with 2 Protection Envoys.

Players can gain more Envoys, Envoy exalt and lv up materials by summoning.