Low elo tips for LoL


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May 11, 2015
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This is for our friends in lower elo (but when it comes to ph, this is also for most people from plat up to d5)

First of all.
What is League of Legends? It is a moba game where you need to destroy the ENEMY nexus in order to win. And one thing I notice in this ranks is this, Kills > Objectives (Dragon/Rh/Inhibs), Baron > Nexus. I mean kills and baron isn't that bad, but never ever forget your real objective if you wanna win. I saw a lot of players going for the chase after winning a teamfight instead of going into the enemy inhibs.

Okay enough of this intros. Here is some tips and I hope that it helps you to climb up on the next season

Top : At the start of champion selection, always consider what champ are you going against to, consider champion matchups always.

(Unless you're a one trick or you're so confident in your skill when using your champ) And also consider your team composition, do you lack tank for teamfights? do you lack CC? do you lack fighter? etc.

Second, are you viable on teamfights? (remember winning teamfights > solo kill) (Unless you're going to bully your lane opponent and push all the way into their nexus.)

Third - winning lanes, if you're winning your lanes and your opponent dont have TP to comeback into his lane, you wanna push all the minions into his turrets (why? to deny him exp and gold, thus giving you a huge advantage) but when you're losing lane, just do your best to hold your lane until a gank comes up.

(NEVER ever push your lane if youre losing) why? cos you're just making it easier for your opponent to pick you up.

Last - avoiding ganks - always buy a control ward *75g* (Trust me, it might save your life) and always check your minimap (if you can't see enemy jungler anywhere on the map, and your lane opponent is playing aggresively, it is better to farm up inside your turret range) there's a huge chance that enemy jg' might come to your lane for a gank.

P.S you wanna save up your TP for a possible backup for your team.

Check your minimap as always
:) and get as much CS as possible. (winning teamfights gives you a huge advantage and giving you a higher chance of getting objectives.)

"The key to immortality..... is not dying"
- Spooky Gangplank