Low Tier Servants Added for the 4th Anniversary of Fate/Grand Order

Last July 4, 2021, Fate/Grand Order USA held their 4th anniversary celebration campaign, through this, Aniplex announced several promotions and limited-time offers for active players.


As what was mentioned previously, the anniversary of F/GO USA brought several limited-time benefits for players. There will be a “guaranteed summon” where players will be allowed to pay half the price for a special summoning roll that includes at least one 5-star rarity playable Servant. Aniplex also permanently increased the rewards for summoning. Now, for every 10 summons performed, 11 items are automatically returned. To simplify, this will make a 10-roll, an 11-roll by default. Some new systems were also added, like the ability to enhance a Servant’s command card.


But there’s a much interesting addition, it is the slate of new playable Servants that are added. As of the anniversary, seven new playable Servants were added to the summoning pool, one for each of the core classes. The Servants that were added are “bronze” Servants of the lowest tier, 1-star and 2-star Servants. They are exclusive to the free “Friend Point” summoning banner, making them accessible to all players.

The following names are the new seven bronze Servants: Leonardo Da Vinci (Rider), Jason (Saber), Paris (Archer), Gareth (Lancer), Bartholomew Robert (Rider), Chen Gong (Caster), and Charlotte Corday (Assassin).

Aside from the debuted translation version of the Fate/Grand Order 4th Anniversary commemorative video that was first aired during the Japanese edition’s 4th anniversary in 2019, Aniplex also showed a trailer that highlights the new character’s Noble Phantasms for the F/GO USA anniversary.

The festivities of Fate/Grand Order anniversary will last up to July 14, 2021.