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Aug 7, 2018
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Looking for a cute companion to accompany you in your adventures? Journey with a friendly little Alpaca or soar high with the coolest flying mount ever! With so many unique mounts to choose from, you will never be alone again!

From the vibrant plains reclaimed by the human race, to the snow-capped mountains conquered by the Dwarfs, the Leonids are lying under the stars in the northern desert while the Elves in the southern woods sing and make melody to the moon - such a rich and beautiful continent.

However, under the peaceful appearance, danger is everywhere – the evil spirits lurking in the shadows, the growing conspiracies, and the cursed ones buried in history. Behind the light, the branches of darkness rustle.

And our story begins here…

I am a small soldier stationed in Moon Beach, which is an important junction at the Holy Capital of Lumia. This place is often attacked by Orcs and Gilgurs, and I have been determined to defend and protect our Holy Capital since I was a child.

The annual Promotion Assessment is starting soon and this is where my years of training and growth will be put to the test. After passing the examination, I will be choosing my camp: Knights’ Order, Adjudicator Army, Natural Assembly, and Xerst Institute. Every camp has a different growth path, should I be a resolute Knight, a composed Adjudicator, a mystical Mage, or a selfless Oracle?

Melee Class - Defence & Damage
Well trained in offense and defense. Have skills for reducing damage received by teammates, as well as increasing the party's damage output.

Melee Class - Damage
Swordsmen are those who have devoted themselves to studying the blade. Their mastery of armed combat leaves Oracles and Mages stunned in the arena.

*Players can switch freely between Knight and Swordsman.

Ranged class - Damage
Any proper Mage must be familiar with the arcane laws governing the manipulation of elemental forces. Fire, ice, and lightning bend to their will, complimented by spells that offer protection, and high-damage AOE skills for crowd control.

Melee Class - Healing & Support
The enigmatic Warlock class manipulates the energy of life, instantly recovering strength for teammates, or weakening the enemy with hexing spells. Along with Oracles, they are a primary means of supporting classes with lower Survivability

Players can switch freely between Mage and Warlock.

Ranged class - Healing & Support
The supreme bearers of love and light. They utilize the power of the divine light to heal teammates and bless them with various buffs. The healing magic of the Oracles is infamous across Lumia, having been used to turn battles at key moments throughout history.

Ranged class - Damage
A master who uses a dangerous magic defined by its explosive effects.As it turns out, the presence of a Scholar on the battlefield tends to have the same result. They excel at single-target high damage spells.

Players can switch freely between Oracle and Scholar.

Melee Class - Damage
The Adjudicator channels the primordial power of Thunder into their Giant Hammer. Adjudicators wade into battle, amid both single-target and large group battles. They are the bravest of all warriors in the arena.

Melee Class - Defence & Support
Guardians have the highest survivability, and control the flow of a combat from the center of the action. Guardians challenge their enemies, drawing damage away from their teammates and soaking up damage with defensive maneuvers.

Players can switch freely between Adjudicator and Guardian.

Exciting Instances and Raid Teams! Step into the turbulent world of Lumia and challenge the instances and World Boss with your teammates!

Battles, Team Raids, Pets, Mounts, Outfits, and even... Dating...? Lots of interesting features await you in Lumia Saga! Which is the feature you are most excited about? Leave a comment and let us know!

Looking for a cute companion to accompany you in your adventures? Journey with a friendly little Alpaca or soar high with the coolest flying mount ever! With so many unique mounts to choose from, you will never be alone again!


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Jul 7, 2019
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Pre-Registration FAQ

How do I register for the game?
You can pre-register for our game at the link

I pre-registered for the game but didn't receive any confirmation.
There will not be any email/sms confirmation sent after you have pre-registered. Upon completing your registration, a pop-up message will appear on the top of the page to indicate that you have registered successfully.

When can I receive the rewards?
The rewards code will be sent to your phone after the pre-registration event is over.

Why is my mobile number invalid?
The error may be caused due to the inclusion of your area code (+XX) or a “0” in front of mobile number. If this is the case, please remove the area code and/or “0”and try again.

The game is not available in my country.
We are currently open for pre-registration only in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Players from other regions can download the APK (Android version only) from our official website when the game is released.

Will there be a data wipe after the OBT?
No, there is no data wipe.

Which platforms will Lumia Saga be available on?
Lumia Saga will be available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

What is the minimum requirement to run the game?
Android 2G RAM, iOS 1G RAM, at least 2G Free Space.

Can I use an emulator to play the game?
As the game is developed for mobile devices, we strongly recommend everyone to download the game from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS). You can use an emulator but we will not be able to provide any support if any bugs occur.