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Event period: Open on every Tue Thurs Sat 20:00-20:20
Requirements: Able to join at Lv. 115, 20 players per room, new room will be opened once players amount exceeded

Gameplay Introduction:
This is a forced PK Battlefield in solo, does not support Instant Revive, only able to revive at Revive Point
1) Battlefield split into few areas, include BOSS refresh area, Mobs area and Collecting area
2) At the BOSS refresh area, BOSS will be refreshed regularly, player who gave the last hit will gain Bound Diamond Exchange pts and Battlefield pts
3) In mobs area, kill mobs to gain pts. There will be Elite mobs refreshed regularly, defeat Elite Mobs to gain Bound Diamond Exchange pts and Battlefield pts
4) Collecting area, collect small chests in that area to gain pts, Big Chest will be refreshed regularly, collect to gain Bound Diamond Exchange pts and Battlefield pts
5) When killing other players, if B. Diamond Exchange pts of player being killed exceeded lower limit, the one who killed will gain the extra exchange pts based on percentage, round up downwards, player being killed lost relevant exchange pts, while gain Battlefield pts at the same time

Reward Content: Bound Diamond Exchange Pts
1. Every player will obtain a default Bound Diamond Exchange pts when entering battlefield, when amount equals to the max limit pts, player will not lost exchange pts even after death
2. There are no limits on obtaining Bound Diamond Exchange pts
3. During final settlement, bound diamond rewards will be given based on player personal Bound Diamond Exchange pts, however there is a limit, exchange amount can not be higher than the limit
4. The top 3 highest pts players will have a sign in mini map and on top of their head
5. Battlefield pts: Used to obtain Battlefield Auxiliary Reward, separated into few tiers, those that have pts which met requirements will receive via mail
Once event ended: Settlement Interface
Settlement Interface:
1) Shows the top 3 ranking according to Bound Diamond Exchange pts, if it's the same then it will be based on pts, lastly based on CP if Battlefield pts is also the same
2) Shows name, Exchange pts, Battlefield pts, Bound Diamond amount of top 3 players
3) Showing info of ownself

Mineral Realm Dungeon

Unlock Level: Lv. 280
Unlock Method: Main interface Dungeon icon -> Single Tab -> Mineral Realm Tab
Gameplay Description: Solo Dungeon, once dungeon started. attack mobs, obtain Gold and Purify Gem
Note: VIP increase purchase chances

Justice Pet

Event Period: ※ Every Mon Wed Fri Sun Noon 12:00-12:30
Participate Level: ※ Player level reach Lv. 110

Entry Time:
※ Once event started, event icon appears on top of main interface.
(Once event ended, event icon disappears).
※ Daily interface, once event started, tap on relevant button in Justice Pet tab to enter (Limited requirement in that panel will be solved by daily side)
※ When event ended, players whom opened that interface will be able to proceed

1) Event has a total of 8 stages.
2) Every stage randomly draws icon of relevant type in specific location according to setting
3) Every stage has limited time, clear all icons within the time limit to clear stage
4) Remove Rules: Select two same icons at once to remove, while the line distance between 2 icons must be smaller than 3 (Or not more than 2 turns)

Event Rewards
1) Single Remove Reward: Remove normal icons to gain EXP rewards, remove special icons to gain random rewards (Item, Gold, EXP)
2) Single Stage Clear Rewards: Stage Clear Item rewards (Failing only grant Auxiliary reward)
3) This event grants Giftpack rewards if acc. stage clear amount reach 5 stages, 8 stages
4) When event ends, ranking will be based on total time used to stage clear, top 1 gets limited title reward

Ocean War

1. Ocean War is a multi-p battlefield with individual as unit
2. Ocean War separates into current server and C. S. stage
3. Event separated into 3 stages, each stage has different handling method

Unlock Requirements: ※ Player level reaches Lv. 115
Event Period: Every Mon Wed Fri Sun 20:00-20:20

Event Entrance:
※ Event icon, tap on icon, open event interface, tap button to enter
※ Event Notice link, tap on link, open event interface, tap button to enter
※ Daily event interface, tap on enter button, open event interface, tap button to enter
※ Arena icon, Ocean War, tap on enter button, open event interface, tap button to enter

Gameplay and Relevant Rules
※ First 5 floors (Lost Isle)
During the first 5 floors, once enter will turn into auto bot state
First 5 floors supports Instant Survive
First 5 floors will force change player ATK mode into All and it is unswitchable

※ Safe Island
Safe Island is Peace Area, unable to PK
There are total 3 Teleport Points in the scene, walk to teleport point to get to different scene
Enter Middle Layer, standby state 60s, system will automatically help player seek ways to Victor Sea afterwards

※ Sea Layer
Sea Layer has total 3 maps, which is at Sea Layer, once enter will turn into auto bot state
Sea Layer does not support Instant Revive, once died need to wait for 5 sec and will be randomly revived at few revive points, once revived will auto enter botting state
Sea Layer will force change player ATK mode into All and it is unswitchable
Remarks: Above scenes are not allowed to use mount, going through mount on operation, there will be floating words stating "This scene can not summon mount"
Settlement Rewards: Tap Left Tab to check all seas rewards, scroll up and down to check ranking settlement rewards.

※Top 1 of Master Sea, titles will be shown based on the amount of players whom obtained title, center of screen + system chat. ※ Congrats (player's name) has won in Master Sea, become the King of Ocean

Divine Beast Island

1, Divine Beast Island Introduction
DBI currently has 1 floor, player who reached Lv. 350 (Switch IV) able to enter Fl. 1 of DBI, there will be C.S. Boss, Beast Crystal, Elite Orc refresh regularly on island, C.S. BOSS has fatigue value, maximum kills 3 times per day, this value does not share with World BOSS; crystal can be collected maximum 2 times and uses 2 times per day; players can C.S. Chat in C.S Channel of DBI, but temporary unable to team up and add friend.

2, DBI Notes
1. There will be BOSS refreshed regularly in DBI, defeat to obtain Div. Beast Expand Card, Beast Source Gem, Div. Beast Gear and Character Gear;
2. Elite Orc will be refreshed regularly, defeat them stand a chance to get Orange Div. Beast Gear;
3. Beast God Crystal will also be refreshed regularly, collect to obtain Orange- Red Div. Beast Chest;
4. Defeat BOSS will create DBI Fatigue Value, daily limit is 3 pts;
5. Maximum crystal collect limit per day is 2 times;
6. BOSS Fatigue Value and collect chance reset on 5am daily;

3, Divine Beast System
Divine Beast System, unlocks when player reaches Lv. 350 (Switch IV) , equip 5 Divine Beast Gears in different parts to activate Divine Beast, once activated will gain Divine Beast’s stats and skill effect, during beginning state maximum can have 3 Divine Beasts assist, able to use Divine Beast Expand Card to increase assisting Diving Beast amount, while extra assisting slot unlock need to depends on character level;

Divine Beast Gear:
1. Gear Type: Consist of 5 types: Beast Eyes, Beast Armor, Beast Claw, Beast Fang, Beast Horn
2. Gear Quality: Consist of 6 qualities: White, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Pink
3. Gear Star Level: Lowest Star Level is 0-Star, highest 3-Stars, related to gear quality
4. Gear Stats: Once Divine Beast assists, gear stats effect will all be added on character, gear stats are formed by basic stats and legend stats
5. Gear Enhance: By devouring other Divine Beast Gear or Blood Crystal to gain Enhance Proficiency, when accumulate to certain amount, increase enhance level and also basic stats of gear
Important issue must be mentioned trice! You can finally stop snatching resource with same server player! C. S. Battlefield has opened, raise CP and battle with knights from other servers!
Of course, DBI is only the first stop of C.S. Gameplay, there will be more exciting C.S. Gameplay coming soon, stay tuned!

Enchantment Realm
  • Unlock Level: Peak Lv. 50
  • Unlock Method: Main Interface- Dungeon- Team Up- Enchantment Realm
  • Gameplay Function: Enchantment Realm stage clear levels will affect different gears' enchant level limit, once fulfill stage clear requirements, able to use exchange item to increase gear enchant level, obtain stats buff, also able to do infusion and improve stats
Red Dot Tips: When gear able to enchant: "Enchant" Button -> Left side relevant accessory tab -> Upper "Advance" tab -> Right side "Forge" tab -> Main interface "Forge" icon. When able to Infuse: "Infuse" button -> Left side relevant accessory tab -> Upper "Advance" tab -> Right side "Forge" tab -> Main interface "Forge" icon.

  • Enchant and Infuse: These two are independent cultivate systems, once level up, player gets stats buff
  • Magic Island: Gear Enchant is related to Dungeon System- Magic Island, Magic Island stage clear levels will affect different gears' enchant level limit
  • Magic: Points that needed for enchant and infuse will not occupy player's bag
  • Enchant: Enchantment in different parts of gear are all independent and does not relate
  • Enchant Requirement: Requires Gear Grade >= Grade 8 only able to do gear enchantment
  • Enchant Grade: Beginning level is Grade 1 Lv. 0, total x grades, every grade has y levels, when previous grade level maxed, will enter next grade Lv. 1
  • Enchant Stats: Every 1 level up, increase gear basic stats x%, exact digit will be set by value setting according to the increased stats based on different enchant level
  • Enchant Spend: Every 1 level up, spend xx pt Magic, higher level will spend more
  • Enchant Unlock: Requires 3 stars stage clear Enchantment Realm Fl. x to increase gear enchant grade to next grade, comes with extra stats buff
a. Different grade requires different stage clear floors of Enchantment Realm
b. Different part requires different stage clear floors of Enchantment Realm

Extra Stats: Extra stats buff when gear enchant grade increase to next grade (Breakthough to Grade 1 Lv. 1 will not provide stats buff)

Different part has different stats buff after breakthrough, exact digit will be set by value setting
Extra Stats List:

Notice Tips: Once player breakthrough enchant grade, xxx successfully increased yy enchant grade to z grade, gained tons of stats buff. xxx is player name in blue, yy is gear name alongside quality color, z is current grade in green.
  • Infuse: Infuse does not follow character gear, is an independent cultivate system
  • Infuse Unlock: No unlock requirement, once system released will be able to infuse
  • Infuse Level: Begins with Lv. 0, total has x levels, once level maxed will not be able to increase
  • Infuse Stats: Every 1 level up will increase fixed stats of player (HP, ATK, DEF, Smash)
  • Infuse Spend: Every 1 level up, spend xx pts Magic, higher level will spend more

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