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Beast Realm Dungeon

Unlock Level: 320
How to access:Main interface dungeon icon-> Solo Dungeon-> Beast realm dungeon
Gameplay:Solo dungeon, build defences to fend against incomming mobs, there'll be loot drop upon mob death

Dungeon info
1. Dungeon chances: There are 2 free chances per day; Refreshes daily.
Dungeon chance purchase: Purchasable with bound diamonds upon improving VIP Lv.

2. Dungeoning consumes: Dungeon chances, entry is denied upon 0 dungeon chance
3. Dungeon loot:
* Random B. Soul, B. Soul Gem & B. Soul Essence loot drop upon mob death
* EXP gain upon mob death
4. Dungeon purge: Reach Lv. 50 peak to access purge feature
Purge reward, Purge EXP, Purging consumes: 1 purge scroll
5. Resurrection : Players are revived automatically in 5 sec
6. Reconnection: Players will reconnect to game upon disconnection

Gameplay Rules
1. Time limit: 15 mins
2. Dungeon starts: When player taps "Start Grinding" or the grind auto starts after x sec
a. Tap "Start Grinding" to start dungeon battle
b. Dungeon will start in 30 sec if "Start Grinding" wasn't tapped
3. Dungeon ends: When there are 0 mobs in current round or reached time limit
4. Gameplay: Solo Dungeon, build defence to fend against incoming mobs, there'll be loot drop upon mob death
5. Player info: Mobs in dungeon can be attacked
6. Mob info
a. Mob behavior: Mobs will travel from starting point to end point and disappear
Starting point: Mobs refreshes at starting point
End point : Mobs disappear upon reaching end point; No rewards given.
7. Guard info:
a. Build location: Guards can only be built on build location
b. Guard building: Max 10 guards per dungeon (They can't be moved and removed)
c. Guard behavior: Guards fends against incoming mobs within their respective range
8. Mob/Guard Lv.: Their Lv. is dependent on player, the higher the player Lv., the higher their stats (Guard's range won't increase with Lv.)


C.S. Guild War Summary
Join req.: 15 days server launch, and limited to players equal or above Lv. 35
C.S. configuration: The system categorizes 8 servers into 1 C.S. team, among the 8, Top 2 Guild with most CP will be picked for C.S. Guild War
C.S. reservation: Reservation opens from 3 a.m. Fri until 3 a.m. Sat weekly
C.S. time: C.S. Guild War happens once every Sat from 21:00 to 21:20
C.S. default pt: 2000

C.S. Guild War reservation mechanism:
1. A guild can only reserve 1 guild, guild whom initiated reservation can’t be reserved, the reserved guild can be reserved by other guilds; Reservation consumes multiple times of pt.

2. By Sat 3 a.m., should there be no guild reserve or reserved for C.S. Guild War, 2 random guilds will be paired to join
C.S. reset time: Last Friday of the month
C.S. Guild enters map into either Red or Blue team, both team will be pitted against one another to conquer 5 footholds

Pt are gained through: Killing, conquering foothold, and maintaining foothold dominance
Victory req.: Reach 2000 total Guild War pt

Guild Reward: Guild War reward is categorized into Ranking Reward and Round Reward

Round Reward: Sent via mail (Winning team only)
Ranking Reward: Last Thursday of the month’s last Saturday by 21:20, guild monthly ranking will be calibrated, all rewards will be sent to chief, reward varies between ranking

Gear Dungeon

Unlock level: 105
How to access: Main interface's dungeon icon-> Team tab-> Gear dungeon
Gameplay: Team dungeon, kill mobs, challenge BOSSES in dungeon with a team for rewards.

Gear dungeon tab-> Team tab-> Main interface's dungeon icon
1. Dungeon entry: After forming a team, choose a corresponding dungeon difficulty, tap start challenge to enter the dungeon. (*Must join dungeon in a team)

2. Dungeon chances: There's no limit upon gear dungeon entry, however BOSS kill rewards are only available if player has reward chance or honor chances
a. Reward chances: Players have 3 reward chances per day, killing BOSS with chances left grants player reward. BOSS loot is considered as personal loot, whomever has reward chance within the team may share BOSS' loot upon it's death.
b. Honor chances: There are 20 honor chances per day

1) There'll be no BOSS loot should a player kill it without reward chance
2) Honor chance is deducted and 800 honor pt is rewarded when the are 2 or more player clears the team dungeon. (*

Reward and honor chances resets daily by 00:00)
Chance deduction: Only deducts upon BOSS' death

3. Dungeon stage: There are many stage difficulties; Stage's difficulty varies between player Lv. the higher the difficulty, the better the loot. Players are free to choose to challenge unlocked difficulty

4. Dungeon rating: Rating is based stage clear time, the faster the better

5. Dungeon loot:
Loot drops upon BOSS kill, stage clear rating will determine loot quality
*When dungeon starts, the clear timer starts as well, for example: When dungeon timer passed 5 min, the rating will drop from 3 Star to 2 Star, another 4 min will drop rating from 2 Star to 1 Star

6. Looting:
a. Players must loot BOSS's loot manually upon it's death (Applies to mobs as well)
b. As player exits dungeon, should there by any unpicked loot within the dungeon, these loots will be mailed to players

7. Exit dungeon: Should a player exit dungeon without killing the BOSS; the player whom exit shall retain reward chance when the BOSS is killed, however no rewards are given to the player whom exited the dungeon

8. Revive: Player will be revived in 5 sec upon death

1. Dungeon time: Lasts 30 min
2. Clear target: Kill all mobs and BOSSES in the dungeon within the time limit
3. Mob Lv.: Mob Lv. varies between dungeon Lv., the higher the dungeon Lv. the higher the Mob Lv.


Difference between 3 systems
1. Wings and Relics has different rebirth req., Arms however has no rebirth req.
2. Arms' transmo. and costume weapon appearance uses same transmo. storage (Basically Arms' transmo. changes weapon appearance as well)

Weapon and Arms' transmo. appearance are mutually exclusive, and can't be used together
Should both Weapon and Arms' transmo. appearance are not applied, the system will show the default weapon appearance instead

3. Mounts can't be hidden

4. Different class shall display different appearance

Wing System Summary

1. Wing Lv. up
Common wing Lv. up through materials consumption for EXP, wing Lv.up by 1 when it's EXP gauge is filled, Lv. up doesn't change it's appearance however
Wing Lv. up requires 3 type of items: Low, Inter. and Adv. wing essences (These 3 different materials grants different amt. of EXP)

2. Wing Lv. up EXP

3 Wing Lv. up skill
Some skills will activate when Wing's Lv. reaches a threshold

4. Wing Lv. up stats
Every Wing Lv. gain grants additional stats BUFF, these stats are transfered to your character

5. Wing appearance
Wing's appearance can be altered with specific items

6. Wing activation
Use specific items to activate wings, different wings have their respective activation req.
Every wing have their own corresponding class change amt. req. (Class change)

7. Wing Star-up
Upon wing activation, additional items can be used for Star-up, it maxes out by 5 Star.
Different Star-up amt. have their respective item amount requirement.
Star-up increase corresponding stats

8. Wing dismantling
As wing reaches 5 Star, extra items can be dismantled for EXP, these EXP can be used to Lv. up Wing Lv.
Additional EXP will be reserved for next Lv.

Lv. up Wing to BUFF Wing's base stats (Wing's base stats= Every wings' activated stats + every wing's Star-up stats)
Wing Lv. is shared with Wing transmo.

9. Class differences
Similar to activated items, different class' wings' appearance vary from class to class

10.Wing transmo.
As wing appearance is activated, players may choose its appearance at will, first activation switches it's appearance automatically

11.Wing Soul Gem
Each Wing Soul Gem can are used to increase wing stats
Different Soul Gem's usage limit are calculated individually, stats it provides varies as well
Wing Soul Gem usage limit is dependent on character Lv.
Each Lv. increase also increases Soul Gem usage limit

Guild War

Guild War Summary
Available: By 3rd day server launch and every 21:00 Sunday
Entry requirement: Limited to Lv. 110 and above players, C.S Guild War
Event time: 21:00~21:20

PK rules: Forced mode upon entry, unable to attack same guild members

All guilds enters the same battlefield, reach personal pt threshold to receive rewards, Guild War rewards are distributed after guild pt calibration.

The war starts with 3 unconquered footholds, each guild may only conquer 1 foothold, and footholds are differentiated into high, mid and low classes.

B Kill mobs in peace zones to increase personal and guild pt
C War starts with 1 crystal that disappears upon collecting; Refreshes every 30 sec, collect them for personal and guild pt
D Assist kills, assault and death grants personal and guild pt
Personal and guild pt are gained through the following act: Collection, conquer, mob kills, dying, assault assists

Battlefield Map:

All zones are PK zone except Revive Point and Grind Zone
Guild Map: Supreme Foothold, Big Foothold, Small Foothold, Crystal, Grind Zones, Birth Point
Supreme Foothold: Conquer and collect resources for constant pt gain; Zone with highest resources
Big Foothold: Conquer and collect resources for constant pt gain; Zone with decent resources
Small foothold:Conquer and collect resources for constant pt gain; Zone with least resources
Crystal: Crystals are collectable, and refreshes upon collection, collect requires 15 second
Grind Zone: Kill mobs for pt

Battlefield Reward:
Personal rewards: Rewards are based on personal pt gained, and sent via mail
Guild Ranking Reward: Once guild ranking rewards are calibrated, the chief may distribute rewards received to guild members.

Peak Arena

Peak Arena Summary
1. Peak Arena is categorized as limited 1v1 event
2. Peak Arena event has a specific launch time: Event launches every Tue, Thu and Sat night from 21:00 -21:20
3. Peak Arena is a 1v1 arena event, Players whom met Lv. req. may enter
Players whom met Lv. req. may enter any amt. of time, only 1st 10 entry grants EXP and item rewards however.
4. Peak Arena does matching according it's rules
5. Peak Arena tier

Join arena to get arena pt, different acc. arena pt corresponds to different tiers
There are 6 tiers in total, each tier consists of 5 stars,

6. Rewards distribution
Complete 1.5.10 current sever matching for chest reward
Arena pt, EXP gain and item rewards are given to players according to 1st 10 matches' performance (Win/lose)
Game entry and unlock requirement

Gameplay entry
※Main interface arena icon→ 2nd tab
※During event launch, the main interface's top displays Peak Arena icon, tap it to open it's interface

Unlock requirement
※Player reaches Lv. threshold
※Event launches every Tue, Thu and Sat 21:00-21:20

Tier pt
※As player joins Peak Arena, they'll receive pt based on arena performance (Win/lose)
Before Gold Star 1, all players shall receives pt regardless winning or losing, winning grants more pt whereas losing grants less pt

As player reaches Gold Star 1, winning grants pt whereas losing deducts pt, players won't rank drop further than Gold Star 1 when losing

Total pt will only deduct to Gold Star 1's base pt and no further. For example, as player A loses, and deducted 30 pt; Player A is now 20 pt above Gold Star 1 base pt; Only 20 pt will be deducted and no further
Pt gain is closely related to player tier

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