Luna's Fate Peak Arena


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Aug 7, 2018
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Peak Arena Summary
1. Peak Arena is categorized as limited 1v1 event
2. Peak Arena event has a specific launch time: Event launches every Tue, Thu and Sat night from 21:00 -21:20
3. Peak Arena is a 1v1 arena event, Players whom met Lv. req. may enter
Players whom met Lv. req. may enter any amt. of time, only 1st 10 entry grants EXP and item rewards however.
4. Peak Arena does matching according it's rules
5. Peak Arena tier

Join arena to get arena pt, different acc. arena pt corresponds to different tiers
There are 6 tiers in total, each tier consists of 5 stars,

6. Rewards distribution
Complete 1.5.10 current sever matching for chest reward
Arena pt, EXP gain and item rewards are given to players according to 1st 10 matches' performance (Win/lose)
Game entry and unlock requirement

Gameplay entry
※Main interface arena icon→ 2nd tab
※During event launch, the main interface's top displays Peak Arena icon, tap
it to open it's interface

Unlock requirement
※Player reaches Lv. threshold
※Event launches every Tue, Thu and Sat 21:00-21:20

Tier pt
※As player joins Peak Arena, they'll receive pt based on arena performance (Win/lose)
Before Gold Star 1, all players shall receives pt regardless winning or losing, winning grants more pt whereas losing grants less pt

As player reaches Gold Star 1, winning grants pt whereas losing deducts pt, players won't rank drop further than Gold
Star 1 when losing
Total pt will only deduct to Gold Star 1's base pt and no further. For example, as player A loses, and deducted 30 pt; Player A is now 20 pt above Gold Star 1 base pt; Only 20 pt will be deducted and no further
Pt gain is closely related to player tier

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