Lunathorn Class Introduction


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Jul 7, 2019
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Lunathorn is a new 2019 must-play MMORPG game that greatly awaited.The background of this game is based on the Western Norse Mythology. With the stunning effect, a powerful skill and armor equipped, are you the destined warrior who chosen to save defeat the darkness and save the world. Meet a different Ancient God along the adventure journey and get the artifact weapon to increase your skill and power. Meet your cute pet partner to joining for adventure. Innovative way of growth Players can enhance their abilities by upgrading roles, developing equipment, partners, pets, mounts, wings, and some special features.

Class Introduction - Warrior

The elites of the Silver Knight is known as the shield of the kingdom. Fight fiercely and believe in light. Fear nothing even if it is to face the Shaytan.
  • Class Orientation: High HP, Rebound Defence, Oppressive in Close Range
  • Strong Against: Warrior
  • Weak Against: Mage

Skill Preview
  • God Wrath - Deal 1000% of skill DMG to max 30 players around, and valid only on mobs
  • Sap awaken - Remove all DOT effect, and restore 45% of max HP
  • Assault - Charge toward the target unit, and deal 150% of Phy, DMG, and stun for 1 sec
  • Devil Break - Player played as the center, and deal 300% of Phy, DMG to max 6 units around player
  • Morale Halo - When player and teammate are being attacked, counter 40% of DMG, for 3 min

Class Introduction - Mage

The chief scholar of the Magic School said to be a prominent aristocrat, but surname is unknown. Into the fascination study of magic.
  • Class Orientation: Crowd Control, High ATK, Huge Skill Area of Effect
  • Strong against: Fighter
  • Weak against: Mage

Some Skill Preview
  • Flicker - Flicker to a distance, and restore 35% of max HP within 5 sec
  • Destructive - Deal 300% of Mag. DMG to max 6 units around enemy
  • Ice Ring - Deal 200% of Skill DMG to max 6 units around player, and freeze them for 2 sec
  • Meteor Swarm - The guide unleashes max 4 waves of Fire Rain, and totally deal 1200% of Mag, DMG, and slowed down by 80%
  • Magic Shield - Add a Shield to yourself, and reduces 18% of damage, if maximally can continue for 10 sec

Class Introduction - Assassin

Born in poverty, unknown experience, exuding the mysterious oriental atmosphere. Make a living with a sword and use body as the blade. Although walking alone in the darkness, there is still a trace of light under the heart.
  • Class Orientation: Swift, deals massive damage to single target, High burst damage
  • Strong against: Mage
  • Weak against: Fighter

Some Skill Preview
  • Shadow Spike - Attack the surrounding units and poison them for 10 sec, deal 35% of Phy. DMG in every sec (invalid in PVP)
  • Sprint - Increased player’s SPD by 30% within 5 sec, in the first 2 sec player will absorb 30% damage
  • Bleeding - Smash the target, and deal 150% of Phy, DG, within 5 sec, dealing 50% of bleeding damage in every sec
  • Shuriken - Melee range is up to 6 units and deal 300% of Phy. DMG
  • Flurry Sword - Melee range is up to 6 units and deal 400% of Phy. DMG

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