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Jul 7, 2019
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Lunathorn is a new 2019 must-play MMORPG game that greatly awaited.The background of this game is based on the Western Norse Mythology. With the stunning effect, a powerful skill and armor equipped, are you the destined warrior who chosen to save defeat the darkness and save the world. Meet a different Ancient God along the adventure journey and get the artifact weapon to increase your skill and power.

Meet your cute pet partner to joining for adventure. Innovative way of growth Players can enhance their abilities by upgrading roles, developing equipment, partners, pets, mounts, wings, and some special features.

Game Backstory

In a spacetime that is far away, there is a world called Olog. Humans within the Olog lives at the “Atrium”, a place filled with nature resources and other races, they lived peacefully with the other races. At the center of Atrium, a huge tree resides. Legends have that the tree was grown from the heart of an ancient god, absorbing nutrients from the “Past”, grow in “Present”, and extend itself tothe infinite “Future”. Its name is “Yggdrasil”, also known as the “World Tree”.

Its leaves are always green, and its trunk supported the universe from all the disaster. It’s root spread and penetrates time, dividing Olog into nine worlds. At the North of the Yggdrasil is Asgard, led by Odin; Olympus that locates at the West of the tree is led by Odin; Atrium, where the human lives, is at the center; the Frost Kingdom of the Titans sets at the North region, and outside the North region it is the mysterious Snow Kingdom; at the South is the Flame Kingdom led by the Flame Giant Sirte; and further at theSouth there is the Indiana Tribe led by Quetzalcoatl. There are also the lost lands that have never been explored, and the fruits of the tree formed into endless island around the world.

According to their source of power and beliefs, humans at the Atrium has formed into 2 factions: one that believes sand serves the gods; the other believes in the power of nature and loyal to the Titans.

As time passes, they formed into 2 major faction - the Light Council and Chasm Alliance. Everything is fine until one day, a shadow has arrived.

An aura that is the complete opposite of life which the world tree represents spread around the world. For an unknown reason, death and darkness energy spreads across the world,even awakening the ancient demons. And from the eye of Odin that has lost the light, he saw 4 demonic figure chewing on the roots of Yggdrasil! As Yggdrasil is falling, the life forces have dissipated, and the world has fell into an endless fire, this is the apocalypse! Humans are worried and decided to fight together for the sake of the world.

And the gods are unable to stay out of the matters anymore, as the fight will decides their own survival. A legendary fight starts now……

Game Features

Auto Battle Mode

a) Auto Battle Description
1. Outdoor Botting (Whole Screen): After the player activated auto-battle, the character will start to automatically find target to attack, if there is no attackable target within the area, the character will standby at the spot, until an attackable target appears, as long as the auto battle is on;

2. Dungeon Botting (Whole Map): Dungeon botting will search for monster all around the map, after the objective of the current target area is cleared, the character will auto head to the next target area (next closest mob spawning area in the map), until the dungeon is completed.

Auto Battle Mode Off

Auto battle mode On

b) Auto Battle On-Off
1. Outdoor: Once the player enters an outdoor map, tap “botting” button will enters auto battle mode, tap the button again to close it
2. Dungeon: Tap botting button or not inputting any movement and skill command within a certain time after entering the dungeon to activate auto battle. Auto battle will lasts until the dungeon is done or when “Exit Dungeon” button is tapped
3. Auto Quest: When player is auto-questing, if the quest type is a mob hunt quest, the character will automatically finds its way to the mob spawn spot (if there are multiple spawn spot, one will be chosen by random), and auto battle will be triggered. Once the quest is done, auto
battle will be closed but will not effect the auto quest procedure
4. Counter: When the player is not in botting state and did not input any move or skill command, being attacked will automatically activates auto battle, lasts until the target is dead

Class Switch

Reach a certain level to trigger Class Switch, eg: Reach Lv. 150 will trigger first class switch. Class switch only available up to 3rd class switch currently. No class restriction on triggering class switch

Each class switch will have 4 stages, each stages will require player to either completing 1 quest or complete 3 quests simultaneously. Quest type: kill monster to collect item, enhance all gear to Lv. XX, reach XX stars on all gear. Player may complete all quests by using diamonds. Diamonds requirement to complete all may be different for each and every stage.

Completing each stages of the class switch will increase the player’s ATK, DEF and HP, when all stages is completed, the character’s appearance will be altered, such as the wings become bigger. Special 3rd class switch will increase the player’s stats gained per level from 3 pts to 5 pts.

“Complete all” rules and costs
Once the player tapped “complete all” and the diamonds are consumed, all incomplete class switch stages quests will all be completed, and earning the switch stats. The diamonds costs will change according to current incomplete stages, each stages has their own costs, and system will calculate the total according to the costs. (Note: 1st class switch does not requires complete all function.)

Relic System

Relic System & Obtaining
Relic skill is the active skill of characters, player can obtain it through main quests or dungeons
There are 14 types of Relics for now

Rune Stats
Rune Obtaining: When player obtains every skill, 3 relevant Five Phases Runes will be given too, which are either Fire, Water or Wind stats.
Rune Switching: Player can select one rune in skill interface as skill’s additional stats rune (Select 1 out of 3). Once selected, player will obtain relevant stats and effect, for instance: Additional Fire stats rune grants burning BUFF after player deals damage, deduct XX points of enemy HP for every 2 sec. By the way, switching Rune will also change special effect of Relic image.

Rune Stats: Besides of the five phases stats effect of rune itself, it will also change skill effect, for example: Warrior Big Windmill skill, when player chooses Fire stats, besides of having the burning BUFF during attack, Big Windmill skill will last another 2 sec; When player chooses Water stats rune, there will be 20% DMG reduction effect when Big Windmill skill still lasts, while player who chooses Wind stats rune, Big Windmill skill will not have any CD decrease punishment, at the same time increases player’s 20% movement speed.

Mutual isolate Rune Stats: Fire>Wind, Wind>Water, Water>Fire

If target character stats is being suppressed, player deals extra 20% damage towards that target.If target has no stats/ non mutual isolate stats, player will not deal any extra damage.

Holy Soul
Every Relic has 3 Holy Souls (Special Relic has no Holy Soul, for example Relic that summons pet)
Holy Soul provides passive buff for Relic skill (For details check Holy Soul Skill list)
Holy Soul begins at Lv.0, player can level up to Lv.25, when it reaches Lv.25 there will be a panel showing “Max level reached” \
Level up Holy Soul consumes Soul points, player can defeat mobs, use item etc to obtain Soul Points

Leveling up Holy Soul has success rate (Not 100% success), it goes up by 1 level if level up success, level up failed will not increase its level. This action will consume materials regardless the outcome.

The success rate of leveling up Holy Soul can be increased by using item. There are total 4 types of items, amount required of each type and increase rate varies according to the growth of Holy Soul level, for more details kindly check Holy Soul Chart

Wing System

Wings Stats
Basic Stats: Wings have a total of 3 stats, which will directly add to character stats and also display on stats panel
DMG percentage- Random value, cultivatable
HP value- Random value, cultivatable
Movement speed- Fixed value, non-cultivatable

Wings HP buff and DMG stats can be improved through refinery, without exceeding intervals limit; Movement speed buff is fixed, decided by the grade of wings, which also non-cultivable

Potential: This value is selected from the average percentage value of current HP and ATK stats value of Wings stats cap limit
Grade: Wings have grade stats. Higher grade has wider stats buff cap limit and lowest limit (Current highest grade is Grade 4, reserved for expansion)

Class Limit: Wings have class limit, player can not equip wings from other class
Quality: Wings quality breaks into 5 qualities which are White, Green, Purple, Orange, Red according to wings current stats value that occupy total stats intervals. (As shown below)
  • White ~0%-19%
  • Green ~20%-39%
  • Purple ~40%-59%
  • Orange ~60%-79%
  • Red ~80%-100%
**Appearance: Every grade of wings have different appearance

Gem System

A) Gem Description
1. Function unlocks at Lv. 20
2. Function entrance: Main interface Enhance button/ Gem tips
3. Currency Placement: Embed, remove and fuse gem actions will consume silvers
4. Gem is solely for gear gem slot, player can only activate embedded gem stats by equipping it
5. Embedded gem will not be affected even if player exchanges gear
6. Gem will increase character stats by certain fixed amount
7. There are total 7 types of Gem, which are: Power, Wit, Agility, Physique, HP, ATK and DEF, all are shown in different icons

B) Embedding Description
1. Quantity limitation: Every gear can embed up to 4 gems
2. Type limitation: Player can not embed same type of gem on the same gear
3. Level limitation: There is level limit for gem embedding(For more details kindly check gem configuration list )
4. Embedding consumes: Silver (For more details kindly check gem configuration list)

C) Disassemble Gem
1. “Remove” button will only appear when there is gem in gear slot
2. After player removed that gem, it will automatically stack with other same type same level gems in bag
3. Alert will be shown if there is insufficient bag space during gem removal (Bag is full)
4. Gem removal consumes silvers (For more details kindly check gem configuration list)

D) Fuse Gem
1. Player can obtain 1 same type gem with a level higher by fusing 5 same types same level gems, this action consumes silvers (For more details kindly check gem configuration list)
2. Fusion Success Rate: 100%
3. When player does not meet fusion requirements, it appears: “Insufficient gems”, “Insufficient Silvers” or “Level requirement not met”

Yggdrasil System

a) Fruit Description

1. Fruit Slot
There will be a total of 9 Fruit slots on player which can be embedded with Fruit. These 9 slots are all locked by default, hence players must challenge Saint Defender to unlock them (Check unlock progress from “Yggdrasil List”), embedded fruit can be exchanged to other fruit, however fruit of same stats can only be embedded once.

2. Fruit Stats
Every fruit has 1 stat, player can obtain relevant stat buff by embedding fruit into fruit slot.

b) Yggdrasil Defender

1. Challenge Yggdrasil Defender
Player can enter Defender Dungeon through “Obtain” interface. Once challenge successful, player will randomly obtain fruits and certain amount of essence, however randomized fruit types only consists of unlocked fruit types.
2. Yggdrasil Defender level

Defender level starts at Lv. 1, once player challenged it successfully, Defender level increase by 1. After player challenged specific level of Defender, new fruit slot and fruit type will be unlocked (Kindly refer to Yggdrasil list)

3. Unlock Fruit Type
The 4 types of default unlocked fruits: Rampage, Nature, Smash, Agile, other types of fruit will be unlocked according to Yggdrasil Defender’s level, for instance: Defender level reached Lv.4, unlocks Shadow fruit, for more unlock progress details kindly refer to “Yggdrasil” list

4. Unlock Fruit Slot
There will be 0 fruit slot unlocked by default, player can slowly unlock them when Defender level increases, for instance: Defender level reached Lv.4, unlocks the first slot, for unlock progress details kindly refer to “Yggdrasil”

Pet & Mount System
  1. Unlock at Lv 20 and mount can't be upgraded by devouring
  2. Mount has no hidden function. Slide up to ride on your mount and slide down to get off
  3. Paid mount can be obtained through the Store or Special Event.
  4. The paid mount appearance can be change through the “Transmogrify” button
  5. Mount EXP Orb can be use to increase the mount experience and Crafter Mag. Crystal can be use to increase Mount stats permanently.

Pet System
  1. Unlock at Lv 59 and player can only deploy 1 pet, and obtain 100% deploy stats from pet. Player can also obtain 1 attached active skill of pet.
  2. Player has to consume Divine Origin to level up the pet. The level of pet can’t exceed the level of character and also the grade limit. Level up the pet to increase the stats of deploy and battle.
  3. Advance the Pet will be unlocked at certain level of pet. Player has to consume advance material to advance pet. Each pet of grade has level limit to be leveled up. Advance the pet to increase the stats of deploy and battle.
  4. Pet Possessing Skill : Each pet has 1 possessing skill. Player is able to use the possessing skill of pet in battle. Possessing skill can be leveled up by using: Skill Point, Coin. The level up requirement is the grade of pet, for example, the level 1 pet needs to be advanced to Grade 2, in order to level up to 2.
  5. Skill Breakthrough : Unlocks at certain star level. The skill has passive skill which unleashes automatically to increase character’s stats. Breakthrough skill can be leveled up by using: Skill Point, Coin. Limit of level up: The grade of pet determines the level limit of skill, such as, the skill of Grade 2 pet can be leveled up to Lv. 20, and Lv. 30 for Grade 3.

Gear Awaken

Unlock Level: Peak Lv. 80
Function entrance: Main interface “Gear Awaken” button 2-star and 3 star gears that are above Grade 6 can be awaken. Awakening will need to consume the Awaken Gem of corresponding parts (Max 2 types), and the type and quantity consumed will change according to the gear’s grade. After awakening, the basic stats, enhanced stats and set stats will be greatly added to the gear

Awaken Skills
Every awakened gear that is equipped can be attached with 1 awakening skill. Different gear parts can be corresponded to multiple different skills but only one can be attached at the same time. (such as shoes can choose Skill A, B, C, but only one can be attached; gloves can choose Skill D, E, F) .The replacement of awaken skill will need to be dismantled first to remove the original awaken skill.

Awaken skills will only take effect when the gear is equipped. Awaken skills have levels. The higher the level, the better the skill effect, and the upper limit of the awaken skill level that can be attached to the gear is determined by the gear’s grade.

Awaken Skill Book is required to be consumed in order to add the Awaken Skill. And the level of awaken skill will be determined by the level of the Awaken Skill Book. After the awaken skill is attached, the corresponding skill content is displayed on the gear tips.

Awaken Dismantle
Gear that has been awakened or attached with awaken skills can be dismantled. Dismantle will consume gold coins (configured according to the gear grade). Dismantle will return the material consumed without loss Awakened stats bonus and awaken skills will no longer take effect after dismantled

Cross Server (C.S) Alliance

The C.S. Alliance serves as an alliance between different server guilds, aiming to provide more allies and corresponding social content for the guild players in cross-server gameplay.

C.S. Alliance War.
a) Alliance Rules
1. The top 4 guilds of the server’s Active CP (Total CP) will have the qualification to make alliance and the qualification of the alliance war. The two guilds of the alliance must be on different servers.
2. The guild ranked first in the single server can only be aligned with the non-ranked guilds of other servers.
3. The alliance requires the leader or co-leader to initiate an alliance request to other guilds through the interface, and requires the other leader or co-leader to accept for a successful alliance.
4. The C.S. Alliance qualification will be updated daily at 5:00 am. The guilds that do not meet the alliance qualifications will be automatically dismissed from the original alliance.

b) Alliance Relationship
The two guilds that have successfully formed an alliance will become allies. The alliance members can help each other in the C.S. area, forced PK status will not hurt the allied members. The alliance channel is added to the chat channel, and alliance members can communicate through this channel.

c) Alliance War Rules
1. After each update of the world server, the top 4 guilds in the single server will be eligible for the alliance and get the default ranking (passing).
2. The server that is launched 30 days will be unable to participate in the alliance war, and will join automatically after 30 days of server launched.
3. If the server that fulfills 30 days falls on the last week of the month and the Saturday is on next month, the server is also unable to participate in the Alliance War.
5. The higher the opponent ranking, the better the reward won after victory.
6. The points consumed for the reservation will be returned for a winning match, and points will be deducted if the match fails.
7. The points will affect the ranking reward at the end of the month, the initial score is 0

Fusion System

Players can fuse the gears and materials obtained through the game into a brand new gear or item; The process of fusion is accompanied by the success rate, material consumption, andgold consumption;

Fusion Type
Temporary there is 6 types: Wings fusion, Ticket fusion, Eternal Gear fusion, Gear fusion, Item fusion, and Soul Cohesion;

Ticket Fusion
Fusion rate 100%, The fusion will consume Golds, fixed at 4700, The interface will display the amount of material owned. Not required to put in the items manually, the system will put in automatically; and shows the amount that is required to consume for the fusion; The Fusion will consume Golds, There will be notice displayed when there is insufficient Golds to fuse;

Bounty Quest

1. Requirement
Reach Lv. 80 to unlock Bounty Quest

2. Accepting Quest
There are 2 ways to accept bounty quest in game:
1. Accept from NPC. Talk with the quest NPC to manually accept quest.
2. Auto accept. Completing the current quest will auto accept the next round of quest.

3. Restrictions
1. Bounty quest has a limit of 20 rounds daily, unable to receive quest again after completing 20 rounds
2. Entry: From “Daily” - “Bounty Quest” to receive the starting quest

4. Quest Type
There are a few types of bounty quest types:
1. Dialogue. Find a certain NPC to talk with.
2. Hunting. Kill the specified monster.
3. Dungeon. Challenge a certain dungeon, there are a few dungeon types:
a. Defeat all monsters within the dungeon
b. Defeat the Boss
c. Obtain a certain amount of points

5. Submit Quest
There are 2 ways to submit quest when they are done:
1. Auto submit. Hunting and Dungeon quests will be auto submitted after completing and rewards will be granted
2. Talk to the target NPC to submit. Dialogue quests will need to talk to the specified NPC to submit and obtain rewards.

6. Resetting
1. Daily Reset: Bounty Quest round count will be reset on 0500 daily.
2. Mission Reset: If all quest round is not completed on the previous day, the starting quest will need to be re-accepted.
3. Reclaim rewards: If all the quest round is completed but the reward is not claimed on the previous day, enter the bounty quest page to reclaim your rewards, and accept daily bounty quest again.

Daily Blessing

Contents of Daily Blessing
1. Player can obtain gold and EXP from blessing daily
2. Player has to spend unbound diamond to bless
3. There is a limit for daily blessing
4. The higher VIP’s level, the more chances to bless
5. Player has 1 free chance to make Gold Bless in every 8 hours

1) Interface Effect
1. The obtainable EXP and Gold of single blessing will be shown at the upper of blessing page
2. Each single blessing cost 10 unbound diamonds. It might be increased progressively, but it required verification, and it has a configuration for spent amount;
3. The countdown of 1 free chances will be shown under the button of Gold Blessing

God Vault

1. Description
a) Unlocked level and function
God Vault unlocks at Lv. 300. The entry of function is in the “Daily” - “God Vault” page

b) Vault Point
Complete vault quest to get vault point. Player must have the point to claim reward, and different points to get different rewards
The standards of point reward are: 90/150/240/360/480
The point won’t be reduced after claiming the reward and will be reset at every Monday

c) Vault Quest
Vault quest is the source to get vault point. Complete different quest to obtain the corresponding point
Some of the quest can be completed many times. Player won’t get any points when the times of quest is finished
The vault quest reset on every Monday

d) Vault Reward
The vault reward has 5 grades in total: 90/150/240/360/480. Player can claim the reward when reaching the certain requirement (Or function bag). Each grade of reward can be claimed once

Magic Ruin Dungeon

Magic Ruin is one of the gameplay in Daily Dungeon. Player can loot the EXP material of summoning beast and also the advance material from the ruin. There is activity rewards in Magic Ruin too Function & Setting

Unlock Level

Dungeon unlocks at Lv. 100
There are totally 5 floors in dungeon, and the levels are Lv. 100 (Mob Lv. 100), Lv. 140 (Mob Lv. 140), Lv. 200, Lv. 250, Lv. 300

Dungeon Entry
Main Interface – Daily – Magic Ruin Dungeon

Info of Dungeon Activity
The first 2 times of stage clearing are including in counting the activity, each can gain 10 points. Player can obtain 20 activities from dungeon daily

Rules of Dungeon
Player can challenge the dungeon 2 times for free. Player can purchase the challenge times, and the purchase amount decided by the VIP Level
Each purchase cost 20 diamonds

Dungeon can be challenged repeatedly without any CD. The times won’t be deducted if player challenged failure, but player won’t get any reward

There are different floors in the dungeon, and all using the same map.

First 4 stages: Clear the current stage of dungeon, and reach the required level of next stage (For instance, the required level of stage 5 is Lv. 300. After the player has cleared stage 4 and reached Lv. 300, player is able to purge stage 4 next time)
Stage 5: Player can purge the stage after clearing stage 5
Each purging cost 3 purge scroll

Purge Hint: It will pop out when the player’s level is insufficient
Hint: Player can use purging at Lv. xxx; If player didn’t clear the dungeon at required level, the hint will change to “You have to clear Lv. xxx Dungeon before purging”

Battle Process
Prepare time of dungeon is 3 sec
Stage of Mob and BOSS of dungeon: 5 rounds of Mob Stage, and 2 mobs refreshed from 3 refresh point at each round. BOSS will come out at round 5. The level of mob equals to the required level of dungeon.

Dungeon Result
Defeat the BOSS within time to clear the dungeon. Player can obtain the accumulated reward after that. Player is challenge failure if didn’t defeat the BOSS within time or being defeated

Player can quit the dungeon midway, and it won’t deduct the challenge chance. Player won’t receive the accumulated reward as well
The dungeon result will show the clear time and reward