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Nov 7, 2014
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Lust Epidemic Kamasutra pages location for Amanda

Amanda 01

Amanda 02

Amanda 03 (Laser gone after you turning off the electric box outside)

Amanda 04

Amanda 05

Amanda 06 (Appeared after you click on the bookshelf)

Amanda 07 (Click on the grass then choose Showel)

Amanda 08 (Click here then enter code 385)

Amanda 09

Amanda 10

Amanda 11 (Click here then choose Skeleton Key)

Amanda 12 (Available after you turning on the 6th radiator)

Amanda 13

Amanda 14 (Laser gone after you enter the code 1234 on the computer in the security room than smashing south wall with the Pick Axe)

Amanda 15 (Click here than choose Locker Key)

Amanda 16 (Click here then choose Showel)

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