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Nov 7, 2014
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Reporter - Amber Harrison.
Teacher - Mrs Amanda Bancroft
Nun - Katherine.
Principal - Val (Valerie) MC's siste rin law.


1. Navigate using the mous eby left clicking. Right click of mouse brings up the menu.
2. ESC key allow smenu access as well.


After introduction talk to all characters.


1. Talk to Simom, mentions somehting about ghosts.
2. Talk to Val, whom later asks for a bottle of water.

3. Look at note on table (White paper), something about seeing Buddie as many
books have gone missing and determine if he has located them.

**Main Entrance**

4. Speak with security guard.

5. Go through right passage then slightly north to foyer area. Pick up newspaper from floor
on left side. Read it doe snot appear important.

6. From this foyer area head right and will come to a lockers area and stairs. Cannot go up yet.

7. Go to area on right of toilets. Note shining star below chair at left top right. Cannot get it yet until
NPC leaves area later.

8. Talk to Miss Amber Harrison. During talk select backhanded compliment to get one star.
Talk to Mendel Steely as well.

9. Go to Toilet Area.

**Toilet Area.**

10. Speak with young student (Andy) and private investigator, they don't say much.

11. Try to get into women's toilet and says Mrs Bancroft is there. Go to men's toilet.
Click on star at left edge of left wall. Spy on her. Will see Mrs Bancroft.

After scene Mrs bancroft leaves and you can go to womens toilet. Pick up coin and security access
card from floor.

12. Go back to Library and speak with Mrs Bancroft. Does not say much.
Head north to a small area. Read newspaper on table. Doe snot appear important.

This area is to the left of where the toilets are.

** Right Most Office **

13. Enter office at top of area above library.

14. Pick up water from top right filing cabinet.

Blackboard has a message "behind the south wall cabinets". Not sure what it means.
The top left desk draw are locked. Perhaps the blackboard sign sasys where the keys are.

15. Go to the library and give Val the bottle of water. She says something about calling
your older brother.

Pick up coin from bottom left book shelves on floor.

16. Go to left tower and will meet the Nun. Note on top left flower a shining star (Next to lift). Pick it up after talk with Nun.

When given choice Tell Truth to the Nun. She asks that you get a book for her Matthew 5 'In Your Heart"
with purple cover. Has been misplaced. May need to check with Buddie the security guy.

Clicking on plant above the Nun you find a key.

** Second Office **

17. Go back to room with locked draw and open them. Will get a second security card.

18. You can now go into the room on the left outside of this office. It is foyer to left of toilets.

19. In this office pick up the purple book and the heart container.
Trying to unlock the desk draw in this office is not possible. Need a key.

20. Give book to the Nun Katherine whom says something about learning about lust then increases one of her hearts.

Security guy shows up and says not to go to west tower again,

21. Talk to Valerie and Amanda in the library. Both mention about reading some notes from the Mendel guy or private investigator.

22. Hints on phone mention about talking to Andy. Andy is young student in glasses.

23. Speak with Mendel whom says he does not know where Amber is.

** Right side Tower. **

24. Go to right tower and will find Amber talking to a guy.

25. Go to see security guard and you will see a shining star in the fountain. Trying to retrieve it is not possible.
Need help. Go to see friend in Library Simon to help distract guard and get key from fountain.

Simon is in passageway south of the library.

26. After talk with Simon, go to west tower and then to fountain. Try to get key again to trigger scene of security guy leaving.

27. Go to office at left of first office entered to unlock desk draw. Office is in area with newspaper on coffee table.

28. Will get a camera from the open draw. Now go to see Mrs Bancroft with the plan.

Go to library speak with Mrs Bancroft. You get a love heart.

30. Go to toilet area and will see Amber going in there. Go to men's toilet and spy on Amber next door,

31. Then speak with the security guy and later Mendel. Will come acorss an argument with Amber who says she is hungry.

32. Go to talk to Buddie (security) about food. During talk not sure what selecting either choice does. I selected top one.

The only kitchen is in the west tower and security will kick you out.

33. MC says to find Valerie. She is in the toilet area trying to talk to Andy.

During conversation MC says to Valerie about finding out what Andy said to reporters. Valerie says not to do anything.
MC needs to follow up on this I think.

34. Now go back to area to right of toilet. Mendel was here but he moved. Click on shining star below the chair, it is a chest key.
Could be handy.

Search for Mendel, he is in the Main Entrance.

35. Go to main entrance, Mendel and Buddie talk. Buddie goes to west tower to get food.

Go to east tower and pick up heart container.


36. Pick up heart container.

Go up the stairs north, nothing to do.

Go up the south stairs. Check at left box for a receipt. Next check chest box.
You found wire cutters. Could be useful to damage the security system.

Cleck on electrical box on wall to the left of the chest and cut wire to disable west tower security system.

37. Go back to main entrance and Mendel and Buddie talk. Buddie puts on a raincoat and goe soutside.
Can go to West tower but must be quiet.

**West TOWER**

38. Go upstairs and click on right door. Nun will talk.

Nun says to meet her in the kitchen. Go downstairs the down again to kitchen.


39. Open fridge. Have 1st choice.

Yougurt or carrots then second choice:

Ranch dip or strawberry jam

Correct selections are yogurt and jam or carrots and ranch dip. (I tried other combinations but later
scenes with Amber were cut shor)

40. Pick up coin bottom right. Then speak with the Nun.
Go see Amber and give her the food. Her heart will increase by one.

41. Speak with Andy whom mentions something about coach Tillman. Maybe important later in storyline.

Speak with Valerie.

42. Going to entrance will see Buddie return and leave his raincoat, You have choice to go outside now.

Put on raincoat and go outside. Pick up shining star on front door left side. Its Car keys for Andy possibly.

Pick up heart container at back of building.
Pick up coin in backyard top right.

Go to second car from right and unlock it. Take a serum flask. Save 17.

Talk to Andy in area right of toilets. Then MC says maybe he can mix stuff (its bad) with something.

43. Find and talk to Amber again. Nothing happens.

44. Go to library and speak with Mendel then Val and Mrs Bancroft.

45. Go to kitchen then fridge and mix purple liquid with juice. Later Val will join and show her tits after drinking it.
Speak with Andy.

46. Andy is in women's toilet. Pick up raincoat and go in. sex scene with Amber follows.
Andy mentions purple liquid is an apphrodisiac and hid them in a trash can at Entrance area bottom left.
Buddie thought it was alcohol and confiscated them. Need to find stash of purple liquid for the MC.


NOTE:- 1. There are images of MC ejaculating into a dish instead of Yoghurt. Not sure how to trigger those scenes.
2. Also, in Bonus room not sure how to change dfemale NPCs outfits.

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