Lust Epidemic Security Chip Locations


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Nov 7, 2014
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Here it is. Locations of all Security Chips for Lust Epidemic

Security Chip 01 (Click here and choose Skeleton Key)

Security Chip 02 (Available after turning on 6th radiator)

Security Chip 03 (Available after turning off right red switch in the Security Room and turning on 7th Radiator which make Jumping Boots collectible)

Security Chip 04 (Click here and choose Skeleton Key)

Security Chip 05 (Click here and choose Skeleton Key - Avaiable after turning on 8th Radiator)

Security Chip 06 (Buddie unlocked this room after you give him a Compass)

Security Chip 07 (Available after turning on 9th radiator)

Security Chip 08 (Andy gives to you)
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