Magic and Dragons a Special MMO-SLG


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Aug 7, 2018
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MAGIC & DRAGONS is a Special MMO-SLG. Welcome to our magic world and hope you enjoy the game. MAGIC & DRAGONS is a story about the once-peaceful Gaia comes under the attack of the Black Dragon.

In its aftermath, a mysterious power engulfs Gaia, plunging it into chaos and mayhem. All races from Human to Orcs to the Undead rise up against the invasion and try to locate the source of the scourge. They call on heroes from other worlds to aid their effort and protect the World Tree—the lifeline of Gaia.

We are going to launch our first server-GAIA at 3:00a.m. on June 17 (UTC+0). Hope you enjoy the game. To fix some problems, server will have a maintenance from 00:00(UTC+8)on June 24. Maintenance will last for about 2 hours.

The following problems will be fixed: Some main story quests lost.

Please schedule your castle accordingly to avoid causing unnecessary losses. You will receive a compensation in your email when the maintenance finished. Please remember to claim!

Explore Endless Dungeons
In addition to main quests, the dungeons also feature a variety of side quests, building structures and chance encounters. Exploring them will help grow your strength and prepare you for future PVP battles.

Diverse Artifacts, Winning Strategies
There are mountains of interesting game features in MAGIC & DRAGONS, and the most important one is ARTIFACTS.
Thunderous Hammer, Supreme Scepter, Angel Wings, Purgatory Blade… Passed down from ancient Gaia, those artifacts will give you a crucial edge in battle if properly used.