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Jul 7, 2019
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Magic Chess v.51.1 - Patch Notes 1.4.80 [Advanced Server] 05/21/20

It has been 1 month since the last update of Magic Chess in S1, and we can tell our players are enjoying it more as the seasonal participation has become healthier. This makes us more motivated and more confident to try and make this mode more balanced in the future maintenance. We hope the upcoming changes will make this mode more fun and more strategic.

I. Synergy

1. Targeman: We've seen new team compositions with the addition of Targeman synergy, and we hope players enjoy the variety brought by this. Targeman: Shield of 4 Targemen adjusted from 20% to 18%.

2. Wrestler: Bonus damage of 3 Wrestlers adjusted from 330 to 350. Bonus damage of 6 Wrestlers adjusted from 660 to 700. Stun protection duration adjusted from 2.5 to 2.2s.

II. Heroes

It seems like Gatotkaca has become a necessary component of many team comps. Thus, we slightly adjusted his skill damage. Skill Damage adjusted from 700/1200/2400 to 650/1000/2000.

  • Ling has been a Mage killer since he joined the mode. We think now is a good time to adjust him a little bit so that Mages can have a better time facing against him.
  • Mana Regen CD after skill cast adjusted from 1 to 2s.

  • With the longest attack range among all Marksmen, we hope Irithel can have a decent teamfight performance regardless of her positioning.
  • Defense Reduction adjusted from 30/50/100 to 40/70/140.

Mana cost adjusted from 100 to 75.

Basic HP increased by 100.

Basic Attack Speed Increased by 15%.

Slightly reduced lifesteal of splash damage while in Valkyrie form.

III. Little Commanders

We're glad to see the new addition - Benny becoming a star in the mode, and we hope some of our old friends can share the love with him. In this patch, Ragnar, Eva, and Abe return to the mode.

  • Regen: HP restoration adjusted from 3 to 4.
  • Defense: CD adjusted from 4 to 3 rounds.
Coordination: The Physical Attack bonus adjusted from 50 to 55. The Magic Power bonus adjusted from 100 to 110.

  • Deadly Strike: Abe gains a shield each time he deals a certain amount of damage. This shield stacks.
  • Cohesiveness: After dealing a certain amount of damage to enemy commanders, Abe's next attack is enhanced, dealing a large amount of damage.
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