Magic Chess Patch Notes 1.4.50


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Jul 7, 2019
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Magic Chess - Patch Notes 1.4.50 [Original Server] 02/11/20

  1. Mage: Magic Damage of 3 Mages decreased from 40% to 30%. Magic Damage of 6 Mages decreased from 130% to 110%.
  2. Assassin: The probability of 3 Assassins increased from 25% to 30%. The probability of 6 Assassins increased from 55% to 65%.
  3. Elf: Bound Times of 6 Elves increased from 3 to 5, Damage increased from 50% to 75%, Trigger Chance decreased from 70% to 50%.
  4. Western Desert: The Dodge Rate of 2 Western Desert decreased from 22% to 20%. The Dodge Rate of 4 Western Desert decreased from 50% to 45%.
  5. Abyss: The Physical Defense of 2 Abyss increased from 12 to 15. The Physical Defense of 4 Abyss increased from 30 to 35.
  6. Empire: The Mana Increase of 4 Empires decreased from 4 to 3. The Mana Increase of 6 Empires decreased from 6 to 4. Mana Decrease of 2 Empires decreased from 7 to 6. Mana Decrease of 4 Empires decreased from 14 to 12. Mana Decrease of 6 Empires decreased from 21 to 18.
  7. Dragons Altar: The Shield Increase of Dragons Altar Synergy decreased from 15% to 12%.
  8. Undead: When 2 Undead or 3 Undead is triggered, the damage of a random Undead Hero will be increased by 35%.
  9. Guardian: Physical Defense Increased of Guardians increased from 100 to 150.
  10. Celestial: Attack Speed Increase of Celestials increased from 20% to 25%.
  11. Summoner: Creeps HP of 4 Summoners increased from 12500 to 15000.
  12. Targeman: Shield increased from 10% to 12%.
  13. Wrestler: Fixed an issue that the stunning chance of 6 Wrestlers is below expectations.

  1. Zilong: Adjusted the skill type to passive skill, now it will trigger AoE Damage periodically.
  2. Leomord: Initial HP increased by 400.
  3. Alucard: CD of Mana Restore decreased by 1s.
  4. Miya: Attack Speed Increase increased from 10%/12%/15% to 12%/14%/18%.
  5. Irithel: Damage Boost increased from 150%/200%/300% to 180%/240%/360%.
  6. Sun: Mana Cost decreased from 125 to 100.
  7. Dyrroth: Physical Bonus of Circle Strike adjusted from 1.8/2.4/3 to 2/2.6/3.5.
  8. Freya: Splash Damage decreased by 50%.

  1. Warrior Boots: Movement Speed Increase increased from 60 (i.e. 25%) to 40%. The Duration of the Physical Defense Increase effect increased from 3s to 10s.
  2. Tough Boots: Movement Speed Increase increased from 60 (i.e. 25%) to 40%. Removed the 25% Resilience Increase. Now it will reduce 20% Skill Damage received.
  3. Arcane Boots: Movement Speed Increase increased from 60 (i.e. 25%) to 40%. Removed the 30% Magic PEN Increase. Now it will increase Skill Damage by 20%.
  4. Swift Boots: Movement Speed Increase increased from 60 (i.e. 25%) to 40%.
  5. Demon Shoes: Movement Speed Increase increased from 60 (i.e. 25%) to 40%. Removed the 200 Magic Power Increase. The Initial Mana Increase increased from 20% to 40%.
  6. Immortality: Restores 40% Mana after respawning.
  7. Feather of Heaven: Mana Restore increased from 10 to 15. Added a 0.5s build-in CD.
  8. Blade Armor: The Damage Bound increased from 40% to 50%. The max damage of each bound is 2000. Physical Defense increased from 50 to 60.
  9. Mirror Device: Slightly increased the chance to get it from creeps after the 3rd stage.


1. Adjusted the Rules:

A. According to the adjustments of stages rules, the Gold Bonus rounds are adjusted to Round 5, 6, 8, 10, 12.
B. According to the adjustments of stages rules, the Damage to the Little Commander is adjusted in Round 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
C. Simplified the calculation of the Damage to the Little Commander. Now the damage is affected by the hero's star level only and doesn't relate to the cost of the hero.
D. Hero Price: Increased the selling price of high star heroes. Now you will suffer less loss when selling high star/quality heroes.

2. New Concept "Battle Stage":

Now the battle of Magic Chess is divided into 4 stages: Planning, Placement, Showdown, and Endgame. Each stage has several rounds, and each time with the opening of the Fate Box, the battle will proceed to the next stage. The Basic Round Rewards and the Basic Damage to the Little Commanders will be increased in the new stages. Endgame Stage is the last stage, during which you need to power up your lineup to confront with other opponents. Because the damage to commanders is very high in this stage, most players would be eliminated here.

Now you will see a Stage Board on the top of the interface, from here you can view the round progress of the current stage, the basic round rewards and the basic damage to the commanders.

3. Optimized the Equipment recommendation. Now it will recommend the Synergy Equipment smarter.

4. Now the synergy equipment will be counted into Synergies Triggered on Battle Result Screen and Battle History Screen.

5. Added the Board of Total Damage to the Little Commander to the left of the Players Avatars.

6. Improved the design of the indicator of the drag move.

7. Improved the jumping animation of the Little Commanders in Fate Box round.

8. Improved the visual effect when successfully finding a match.

9. Improved the recommend lineup. Added more lineups for the beginners and more official lineups for you to select.

10. Now you can share the battle result with your friends.

Little Commander

1. Abe, the Kungfu Expert will be available on February 18 (Tuesday). Diamond 499, BP 24000. Launch Week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Anger (Passive): By winning a match, it will cause 5 addition damage to the enemy commander.

Deadly Strike (Passive): From Showdown Stage, each victory will cause additional damage to the enemy commander which equals to the target's 20% current HP.

Cohesiveness: During the round, all heroes deal extra 2 damage to the enemy commander. Cools down in 3 rounds.

2. [Eva] Toughness: Physical & Magic Defense Increase increased from 20 to 30.
[Eva] Coordination: The Physical Attack Increase decreased from 70 to 60. The Magic Power Increase decreased from 140 to 120.

3. [Remy] Gold=Life!: CD decreased from 5 rounds to 3 rounds.

4. [Ragnar] Heal: CD decreased from 4 rounds to 3 rounds.

5. Improved the portrait of the Little Commander Harper, making it look better.

6. Improved the sound effect when dealing damage to the Little Commander. Now it fits the animation better.

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