Magic Chess Patch Notes 1.4.62


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Jul 7, 2019
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Magic Chess - Patch Notes 1.4.62 [Advanced Server] 03/20/20

[Fighters on Stormy Sea], the [Magic Chess Official Season]

With the opening of [Magic Chess], the Mages of Magic Academy have become more powerful than before. After a deep discovering of Northern Vale, Mages decide to take something fun to the [Magic Chess] world. At the same time, your season highest division and leaderboards ranking will be shown. And players whose division is higher than Master will get season rewards when the new season begins.


1. Lineup Power: Optimized the logic for estimating the strength of a lineup, changed from Lineup Value to Lineup Power.

2. Refresh Heroes: Improve the probability, now you will have a better chance to have a hero you need by refreshing.


1. New Synergy [Blood Demon]: Reduces the number of heroes required by 1 when a faction/role skill that requires >=4 heroes is triggered.

2. Western Desert: increased the limits and made it available for more situations. Adjusted the trigger requirement from 2/4 to 2/4/6. Dodge probability adjusted from 25%/55% to 20%/40%/60%.

3. Wrestler: High-level Wrestler synergy will provide stable CC, which may affect the variety of lineups, hence we decide to weaken this negative feedback caused by this kind of CC. Trigger requirement of Wrestler adjusted from 2/4/6 to 3/6. Stunning probability adjusted from 15%/30%/55% to 20%/30%. Stunning Duration adjusted from 2s to 1.5s. Now the stunning will trigger extra Physical DMG equals to 250/600.

4. Abyss: Abyss is the only synergy that can provide Physical DEF Reduction effect. It was often used in Physical Burst lineups. However, we hope it has wider use. Physical DEF Reduction of Abyss adjusted from 12/25 to 40%/100%.

5. Undead, Support, Scarlet Shadow: Due to the joining of new heroes, these synergies will be removed temporarily.


[Added New Heroes]

1. Thamuz: Abyss, Fighter, 5-Gold

2. Cecilion: Blood Demon, Mage, 4-Gold

3. Bruno: Cyborg, Marksman, 4-Gold

4. Popol and Kupa: Northern Vale, Summoner, Marksman, 4-Gold

5. Natalia: Monastery of Light. Assassin, 4-Gold

6. Franco: Northern Vale, Weapon Master, 2-Gold

7. Carmilla: Blood Demon, Wrestler, 2-Gold

[Heroes Adjustments]

1. Khufra: Now he is a Western Desert hero. Skill Damage decreased by 33%, from 300/450/600 to 200/300/400.

2. Minotaur: Skill Damage decreased by 33%, from 3600/1200/2400 to 400/800/1600

3. Johnson: Now he won't cast skill at the beginning, but will cast when the mana is full. Meanwhile, his skill now can be cast more than 1 time.

4. Freya: Shield increased by 33%, from 1200/2400/4800 to 1600/3200/6400.


1. New equipment [Claude's Theft Device]: Copies 2 items of the opponents when battle starts.

2. New equipment [Starfall Blade]: Basic attack has chance to lower the target's star level.

3. The drop probability of an item will decrease with its usage in battlefield.

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