Magic: Legends Difficulty and Rewards may be heavily altered after the update

Cryptic Studios continues to reveal more features awaiting players in the Multiverse. The game was completely overhauled and improved according to its developers. Now, Cryptic has provided a look at how players will be able to scale the difficulty of Magic: Legends up and down with Enhancements. As the game’s open beta swiftly approaching, interested players have been eager to learn more about the title's gameplay systems.


The MMO action-RPG will have four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master. All players will begin at the Normal level. As players complete game milestones, players can unlock the other challenging modes. After the tutorial, the hard mode will be available. However, Expert and Master modes will unlock once you reach class level 30 with a character.

Revamping the difficulty level will increase the health and damage output of enemies. On top of that, Magic: Legends will augment its missions and the Multiverse with Regional and World Enchantments.

Enchantments will add a little bit of spice

Enchantments will add modifiers that make gameplay more challenging. Additionally, these will impose the players to adapt their combat strategies. On the other side, the harder the game mode, the better the rewards for every accomplishment the players can obtain throughout their journey.

Here is the Enchantment in the action gameplay video below.

The PC open beta begins on March 23, and interested players can already purchase a premium cosmetic pack that will stick with them through the open beta and into the full game. The final game will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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