Magic the Gathering: Arena coming to Mobile in 2020

Planeswalkers, get ready to play Magic on the go! Yes, you heard it right! MTG:A or Magic the Gathering: Arena is coming out in Mobile this 2020. This has been announced in their latest 2019 earnings call by Brian Goldner, Hasbros' Chairman and CEO. It seems that the success of Arena in PC has brought them attention that people may want to play it in other platforms and introduce the game for mobile players which would definitely fit Magic.

Magic the Gathering: Arena is a card game played in the PC that has been a classic for quite a while because of its physical variant. In this game, you are a being called a planeswalker and you battle different kind of players from elves, dragons and other types of creatures. The gameplay is quite riveting as it can be complex yet rewarding if you know how to handle the chain of combinations and reactions of each cards to each other. The goal is to make the enemy lose their health to 0 before they can, although some other methods are also available like special mechanics and win conditions so play styles can still vary.

This game came from the original Magic the Gathering which is celebrated by a lot of players since it has been up for a long time and avid players still play with their physical cards and trade or buy to get certain cards they need to get a whole lot stronger.

With Arena expanding into mobile, we are assured that the franchise will only expand from now on. Players who might have quitted the physical card game can pick up the mobile game to play without the worry of bringing a deck everywhere. Some players who want to learn more before diving into the physical version can also play their digital counterparts and get a feel for it. While new players can experience it all in digital if they are hesitant about the whole series. It's a total win-win for everyone.

According to Mr. Goldner, more information will be relayed in NY Toy Fair on Friday, February 21, 2020. So if you would like to know more, stay tuned here for the update and mark your calendars if you wish to go and see it first.