Magsasara na Mobile Legends?

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Jul 17, 2018
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So nakita ko to na panalo sa lawsuit ang Tencent ng 2.9 million usd vs Mobile Legends

Gusto ko lang malaman mga opinion nyo and if magsasara na ba ang mobile legends?

Ty in advance

Roviel Villapana

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Sep 18, 2014
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Good question so let me shed some light regarding this

Will Mobile Legends close down? Short Answer is No, why?
  • first, the lawsuit was filed in China this doesn't affect the Philippines unless they file a lawsuit here
  • second, they only have to pay the 2.9 million USD which is in my honest opinion "barya" in terms of how much mobile legends earns
How will this affect Mobile Legends?
  • None at all, during the filing the developer of Mobile Legends began revamping their Heroes, maps or whatever is related to the lawsuit so that in the future they can no longer file eligible disputes
My Opinion
  • This lawsuit is actually so much more beneficial to Mobile Legends instead of Tencent because the game wasn't removed
  • They can still operate simply by paying the 2.9 million USD
  • This, in turn, removes Tencent from their backs in short back to whatever they were doing before this began


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May 11, 2015
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tldr barya lang talaga to sa moon toon kung ano man leverage ng Tencent wala na
Ideas can't be copyrighted. Design and Art can.

Main points of their lawsuit report against muntun were about this: Using garen splash, using same map, same monsters. Magic Rush was even worse, because they copied entire champions (design, art & effects). Just having 1-2 skills with similar ideas but that have clearly differences prob would be hard to argue about copyright in a court. If that could happen, valve/blizzard could also throw a lawsuit against LoL.

Although, I think truly reason is because they're from different countries. Lawsuit against muntun must be applied on China and court would prob benefit muntun over an American company. This is why took all this time for muntun being processed: Just when riot became part of tencent (which is if from China) they truly throw this lawsuit. Before, riot just gave up, because it would prob be hard to win in that circumstances.
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