Main five signing off? V33Wise, Yue, and Edward departed from Blacklist International

The most anticipated return of Blacklist International’s main five in the MPL scene seems impossible anymore, as four members of the team officially departed from the organization.


Blacklist International’s midlaner Kenneth Carl “Yue” Tadeo was the first to announce his departure from the team on July 3. Yue joined the agents during MPL PH Season 11, where he won Rookie of the Season, and played for the team until Season 13.

"Today I am formally announcing that I am leaving Blacklist International. Thank you to Blacklist because I know I've grown there as a player. Pero this time gusto ko naman maranasan ang ibang environment at madevelop pa ang sarili ko. I want to experience things outside my comfort zone," said Yue on the announcement of his departure from Blacklist International.


Yue notably played for Blacklist International during the MSC 2023, where they finished as the first runner-up, and the M5 World Championship, where they secured the third spot. His departure is indeed not a prank at all, after Blacklist International later bid their farewell to their ‘Midlane Magician’.

“His mechanical prowess and deadly mindset in-game, juxtaposed with his joyful demeanor outside, made him a memorable member of the team. His game would catapult his name alongside the best of the best, going toe-to-toe with giants in his rookie year.”

Still saddened by the news, Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna also took the agents by surprise with her “2 a.m. thoughts.”.


"Sino nga ba si OHMYV33NUS na wala yung trophies and yung esports org na alam ng lahat? Tinatanong ko yan paulit-ulit sa sarili ko at iisa lang yung chikka. I’m at this point in life right now na I know already there’s something more than this, a higher version of me deep within me. More than I’ve ever accomplished.

So I left Tier One Entertainment and Blacklist International because I knew I would settle if I chose to stay. When it’s time to go, ma feel mo naman eh,"
said V33, announcing her departure from the team as well.

OhMyV33nus, popularly known as “Queen Support,” is considerably one of the most the most iconic figures in MLBB history. Her prowess, along with that of her main five members, brought a back-to-back MPL championship and an M3 World Championship to Blacklist International.

The following day, Agent Hero and Mr. Consistent Edward “Edward” Dapadap bid farewell to the team as well. Edward has been the longest member of Blacklist International to stay, having joined the team since MPL season 5 until season 13.


"Hi guys, siguro naman na-feel niyo na din. As of today, I have left Blacklist International," said Edward.

“After being with them for 4 years since Season 5, it's been an amazing journey filled with unforgettable moments. Despite some thoughts of leaving in the past, the team's potential always motivated me to stay. Now, I'm ready for the next chapter of my life, where I can grow personally and professionally.".

Edward got his nickname Mr. Consistent for his consistently impressive performance as the team’s EXP laner over several seasons of MPL. He was even awarded as the Finals Most Valuable Player twice and was also inducted into the MPL Philippines Hall of Legends during the MPL PH season 11.

Last to bid his good-bye from the team was Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario, where he announced his departure or “resignation” in a humorous and light-hearted way to probably lighten up the mood.

He posted his'resignation letter’ saying, “Bounce na ko mga ssob [boss] @Blacklist International, matsala [salamat] sa all”.

The other half of the dynamic duo, V33Wise, is one of the most intimidating junglers in MLBB history with his objective-taking mindset. He is also the one who popularized the utility jungle in the MPL PH, which later changed the meta of the game.


With the duo’s achievements together, including the three MPL PH championship titles, an M-series World Championship crown, a SEA Games gold medal, and a silver medal for the World Esports Championship, it is not surprising at all when they got inducted into the MPL Philippines Hall of Legends.


Currently, Blacklist International’s gold laner Kiel “Oheb” Soriano and midlaner/roamer Salic “Hadji” Imam are the only members left from the team’s main five, along with the team’s current jungler Stephen “Sensui” Castillo. There are rumors and speculations circulating online about why the agents would leave Blacklist International, which is known for being the best organization, but none of them have been confirmed yet.