Manastorm: Arena of Legends update information

Recently, we released an exciting update, 1.3.0, that introduced a new mode with new features plus some splendid spells, and more. If this news piqued your interest, here's some info about the update:
Hone your skills in Team Battle!

Team Battle is a new 3vs3 mode where players try to defeat the opposing team. You will need to choose your team's spells in order to be as efficient as possible in battle. Players can combine their decks in the lobby and see what kind of spells their team is lacking. Plus, we added an additional goal in the match that might lead your team to victory.

New goal!

The Tempest Core is like a sphere that appears in the arena during a match.
You can destroy it to get super spells. It can contain any of three types of spells: damage, support, and control.
The superspells' power depends on the player's league.

New spells in collection!

New spells for Team Battle were added. They have their own special mechanics that will come in handy in the new mode. Players can use them to change their role to support, damage dealer, or tank. Don't miss your chance to be the first to learn more about the spells' features.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we will continue adding more content to Manastorm. Players keep asking about the ability to customize their own characters. And we want to share the info that we are actually working on customization right now. We would be happy to notify you when the update comes out and give you additional information about it. Let us know if you're interested!

You can find detailed information about the update 1.3.0 by clicking on this video:

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