Maniac Esports Survive Late Bren Esports Rally to Secure Top Spot on Top Clans 2020 RoS

The opening day of Top Clans 2020 couldn’t have been any better as we already saw one of the most competitive Rules of Survival matches ever.

Sixteen of the top 32 teams in the region fought against each other today, including last year’s champions Lesavage. Playing in the ROS Group Stage, the top 8 teams from this group will proceed straight to the Semifinals, while the rest of the teams will have to fight for survival in the knockout stage.

Maniac Esports Survive Late Bren Esports Rally.jpg

The stakes of the tournament’s matches are very apparent from among all the players. Unlike the usual conservative strategy of players usually seen in the early parts of a tournament, the 8 teams yesterday all went out with guns-a-blazin’ as early as Round 1.

Vietnam’s IS ƉƠM came out on top of the first and third rounds of the group stage. Survival is the team’s core talents, managing to score a lot of placement points for being the last team standing. But in terms of kills, Maniac Esports did better, as they managed to score just enough kills to overtake IS ƉƠM ins the standings.

Maniac finished second in the first round but managed to come out on top in Round 2. Meanwhile, Lesavage tried to mount a comeback in Game 3, but were put down by IS ƉƠM, managing only to finish second behind them.

By the end of Round 3, Maniac was on top of the leaderboards, followed closely by IS ƉƠM. They scores were far ahead the rest of the other teams, with their scores at least twenty points ahead of the third place and fourth place teams HORN and Bren Esports.

The last three rounds saw the teams playing more calmly and defensively, not rushing headstrong against the enemies. The top eight teams, especially wary of losing their spots, focused on surviving the firefights than going out to hunt their enemies.

This passive climate allowed other teams to bounce back up. In Round 4, ISFAKE by then only had 10 kill points and 1 rank point, putting them at the 13th place and in a perilous position of getting thrown to the knockout round. Sensing the change of pace in the game, ISFAKE’s BèMeii took matters into his own hands, scoring 10 kills and dealing a total of 4263 damage. BèMeii’s great performance, a record in today’s matches, led ISFAKE to the top in Round 4, boosting their position to 6th place.

In Round 5, Bren and Lesavage rallied, both outperforming the top teams so far and ending up the last two teams standing in the end. Bren’s Aim’s 7 kills in this Round catapulted Bren to first place, displacing both IS ƉƠM, now at 2nd place, and Maniac, 3rd. Lesavage’s second-place finish allowed them to secure 7th place.

In the final round, the pace even got slower. All the teams wanted to make the most out of their last chance at survival, and so teams were more strategic in their moves and more tactical in team fights. In the end, it was Maniac who, with a collective 11 kills for their team, survived the onslaught. Maniac’s win brought them back to the first place.

Rules of Survival Day 1 Results: Group Stage – Group A

Rules of Survival Day 1 Results Group Stage.png

Later at 16:00 GMT+8, a new group of sixteen teams will be facing each other in Top Clans 2020 Rules of Survival Day 2. After yesterday’s performance, today’s teams will surely try to steal the spotlight from Maniac Esports. Will we be able to see matches as competitive as yesterday’s? There’s only one way to find out.

Tune in on Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube for our live broadcasts with casters Vill and NikkiNikki. Top Clans 2020 is just beginning, and there’s still a lot in store for fans.

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