Manila Major Streaming might be a problem

Manila Major will happen this June and the world of Dota 2 will be watching us through streaming services im curios how will our ISP's deal with this.

I feel that during the Manila Major event streaming will be quite bad, internet across the Philippines even will be even worst as on its current state and everyone else will keep getting disconnected.

Then fans who wants to watch the show will get lots of buffering and low quality videos since internet data will bottle necked. This gets worst as congestion increase thus annoying alot of people and hate event happening to Philippines from the first place.

Check out the internet speeds from below this are data's gathered to keep us aware what state we are in.

Internet Speed Statistics from the past years:
Philippines is mostly ranked as the slowest internet in asia

Image from GMA

Image from Interaksyon

Even if this data are from several years ago honestly i haven't felt the improvement dont get me wrong im paying for 15mpbs and its freaking slow.

What are your opinions? How will this event this immense internet traffic remember the world is gona be watching us so for our local ISP's pls dont break the internet on that event if you must disable throttling or those effin data caps.


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Dec 21, 2015
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Internet will be slow then increase in traffic on roads this will be like APEC :mad:

This isn't new sa pinas di po ba?

me and my brother got pissed sa PLDT nung nag pa kabet kami back in 2010.


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Sep 18, 2014
yep isn't new thats why it might be a problem to upcoming event because they haven't done anything to improve their service

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