Manny Pacquiao ventures in the Esports scene with his Team Pacquiao GG

Former professional boxer holding the title as the eight-division world champion and current presidential aspirant Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao launches a new esports and content venture called Team Pacquiao GG.


This venture is in partnership with the global esports giant Veloce Group and aims to become the “pound for pound esports heavyweights in Southeast Asia.

"We are launching Team Pacquiao to sow the seed of Filipino excellence in Filipino esports competition," said Pacquiao in a press conference. "Most Filipinos identify gaming as a hobby and a possible addiction for younger people that must be supervised, but not anymore. Esports is not just an online phenomenon, but also a legitimate growing sports industry, with a lot of job and business opportunities. Esports is the future and I am happy to be a part of it.”

Team Pacquiao GG will have a “content-first approach” wherein they will tackle three major touchpoints of the organization which is community, competition, and charity. To achieve these objectives, the organization has revealed the core group that will be the public faces of the team.


The public faces of the team are people who are well-known content creators and streamers. To represent the team’s venture in Mobile Legends are Elyson “Ghost Wrecker” Caranza (pro player of RSG PH) and Kimberlee Si “Super Kimbie” Arcillas. Wrecker will also lead the team’s charity initiatives.

To lead the team’s content arm will be popular YouTuber Gian Louise “GLOCO” Concepcion. Shin Boo “Sh1nboo” Ponferrada will serve as the resident host and shoutcaster of Team Pacquiao GG. Een Mercado will lead the team’s Valorant venture and will also be the guide for the team’s female empowerment initiatives.


The team will also be joined by one of Sir PacMan’s sons, Michael Pacquiao. The father and son duo joined the creators onstage at Team Pacquiao GG’s press conference. When Michael was asked about how he felt with this new venture of his father he said that he was shocked since his father doesn’t really talk about games. He also added that though he was surprised this was a “good chance” for him since he has also started playing a competitive FPS last year.

“I’ll be mostly playing Valorant. I just started like last year, it was really addicting.”

Pacquiao has also said, "Michael will also be one of my coaches in this esports team."

Team Pacquiao GG’s partner Veloce Group has also left a statement in regards to the team’s plans in the future. According to Veloce Group, the team plans to enter the competitive esports scene of Mobile Legends, Valorant, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Call of Duty, Halo, and Axie Infinity.

Ryan Tveter, director of commercial strategy at Veloce described the team as a “purpose-driven esports initiative.”

"Team Pacquiao GG is a gaming, esports, lifestyle, and content brand led by Manny Pacquiao, and powered by Veloce," affirmed Tveter, whose company has wide investments in esports, including Veloce Racing and Quadrant, McLaren driver Lando Norris’ own esports and content team.


However, according to the timeline released by the team, the pro esports team and franchises will only be launched in the second quarter of 2022 while Team Pacquiao GG Academy will be launched in the next quarter.

But before this year ends, the team will release its content. An apparel launch and community initiatives will also happen early next year.

Wrecker is known to be one of the pro players of RSG PH and now, as one of the core members of TPGG. Now, the question is, will this new responsibility of Wrecker interfere with his duties in RSG PH?

“Walang effect,” the content creator said. “Magkaiba naman sila e.”

He clarified that RSG PH will remain as his pro team and that he is still with Tier One. The role that he will be playing in TPGG is one that he’s eager to tackle.

“Pambansang Kamao natin ‘to e,” said Wrecker of Pacquiao, who is the CEO of the new venture. ”Privilege na makasama siya sa isang bubong. At syempre, naisip ko rin, baka mas lumaki ang esports sa Pinas. Kasi, diba, sinasabi nila na esports is di raw sport. Ngayon, mapapatunayan natin na sport rin siya, kasi isa sa mga pambato ng sports sa Pilipinas ay nasa esports na rin.”

Pacquiao has also declared that this is also indeed one of his intentions for launching TPGG.

"Kaya andito tayo ngayon dahil ine-encourage natin ang lahat na gawing seryoso itong paglalaro, at pwedeng mag-excel sa larangan ng esports," said the senator.