MapleStory M Receives Massive Content Update Unveiling New Dual Blade Class and All-New Region Victoria Road

Mobile MMORPG MapleStory M received a massive content update, introducing the all-new area Victoria Road and the newest class: the fearless dagger- and katana-wielding Dual Blades. To kick off the update, publisher Nexon is hosting a series of limited-time, in-game events for players to level up and earn special rewards.

Nimble and acrobatic, the all-new Dual Blades are rogue thieves that have forsaken the Dark Lord that rules their guild. Armed with a dagger in one hand and a katana in the other, Dual Blades are agile, resilient, and able to receive numerous attack bonuses and obtain an extremely high critical hit rate. The highly mobile Dual Blade can chain together flashy combos and possess a very high dodge rate.

Those who try out the Dual Blade will find their quests in Victoria Road, a brand-new area to be explored. Adventurous Maplers can enter Victoria Road from Kerning City.

In celebration of the new Dual Blade class, several limited-time events will be available, including:
  • Dual Blade Burning Event – Through Oct. 20, players can use their Dual Blade characters to participate in 1+2 level up event exclusive to Dual Blade characters.
  • Dual Blade Growth Support – Through Oct. 20, special rewards will be gifted by clearing missions.
  • Dual Blade On-Time Event – Through Sept. 23, all players who login into MapleStory M will receive a Special Update Box to celebrate the release of Dual Blade.
  • Monster Park – Players can participate in events from the Monster Park tab to obtain event coins for exclusive rewards.
Nexon America also announced that it will be dropping new MapleStory M merchandise on Maplers will soon be able to purchase an exclusive baseball cap design in limited quantities.

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