March is the Scheduled Event of PlayStation VR

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    On recent months the Sony has kept quiet on its upcoming PlayStation VR headset, changes are coming soon. PSVR as announced by the company will hold during the Game Developers Conference on March 15. Presentation will be made to demo the features of their new product.


    GDC has been a special place for PSVR in recent years. It was during GDC 2015 that Sony originally announced PSVR, known at the time as Project Morpheus. At GDC 2015, Sony announced an new prototype version of the PSVR and confiremed that the headset would be launch in the first half of 2016.
    Sony didn't say, or provide any teases, for what it may announce this year. Two of the biggest unanswered questions are the release date and price.

    source via gamespot
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