Mario Kart Tour's Real Time Multiplayer coming in March 8th

The classic party game for those Nintendo fans, well aside from Smash of course. This game has been the popular game for those who would like to have a fun time but may have the chance to destroy friendships and piss off colleagues if you are doing TOO well. What game am I saying, well, it's Mario Kart of course. With the rise of the mobile gaming industry, Nintendo does not want to pass this opportunity to put one of their most beloved games in the mobile. Amidst the backlash of the game, it's still thriving and will find a way to make it more interesting now. Keep reading to know more.

What I am talking about is Mario Kart's multiplayer feature. In the past months, it has been met with backlash when people discovered that the multiplayer that you encounter in the early versions of the game is fake and you're only playing with bots in that game. As people kept winning games even if they are not highly skilled in the game, they wondered why, then they figured it was bots. So Nintendo needed to clarify that issue. Now, it seems like they are planning to put multiplayer in the game. They recently announced it in their twitter:

It says here that they will implement multiplayer this March 8, 8PM Pacific Time, so 4PM here in the Philippines. You and 7 others can play either locally, around the world or just with your friends. Let's hope that they deliver this time and make a successful comeback. Why? It was rumored that the game had a bad rep due to their intrusive microtransactions and pay-to-winish system. Some players left because of this debacle plus the bot issue stated above but with the addition of multiplayer this might change things for the better. They already made a mark in the iPhone despite the problems people have issued about, being one of the most successful iPhone games back in 2019.

Will you play the game or if you were a player, will you return to the game? Tell us your thoughts below! As for me... I still lack the space the add another mobile game, but if they fix their monetization and the multiplayer is successful, I might as well give it a shot!