Marksman Item Building Tips and Guide

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Apr 22, 2019
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Marksman gameplay on lower ranks is different from higher ranks. Kung sa lower rank ay pwede kang maging aggressive, sa higher ranks, more likely na mapapatay ka kapag lagi kang nangunguna sa teamfights.

Isa pa sa difference ay ang META Heroes. Lesley, Miya and even Layla can carry you from Warrior up to Master or even GM and Epic if you are really skillful. Mas madali silang gamitin na pangcarry kahit average-IQ gamer lang ang gagamit.

But obviously, hindi sila very effective sa higher ranks. Lesley can still survive Epic and Legend maybe pero sa Mythic, you must really be skillful kung gusto mo talagang umabot sa Top Global Lesley. Lesley is weak in early game. Tsaka kahit may slight mobility siya coming from first and second skill, you will waste the potential of those skills by using them defensively kasi nga tatargettin ka lagi ng mga players lalo na kung nasa Mythic ka na. Imbes na pangdamage pa 'yong first skill mo, mostly magagamit mo lang siyang panakbo.

Item building Guide:

Jungle Item is Hunter's Knife. Mahalaga ito kasi kailangan mong makapalevel up as fast as possible. No need to upgrade this item kasi you need to prioritize your items.

First slot is your boots. Common items are Rapid and Swift Boots. Rapid for faster movement speed plus slow effect. Swift Boots for Attack Speed.

Second and third slots are for your core items. Common core items are:

Demon Hunter Sword plus Golden Staff combo for Marksman like Claude and Miya

Scarlet Phantom plus Berserker's Fury for the likes of Moskov and Irithel.

Fourth item slot can be either for more damage or for lifesteal items

There are three MAIN physical lifesteal items.

Haas' Claws
Endless Battle
Demon Hunter Sword

There are special situations for this slot just like in the case of Karrie. She usually builds Bloodlust Axe which is a spell vamp item. This is one of her best sustain items because she can spam her first skill and second skills. Second skill is her main source of sustain because it gives a huge amount of HP Regen especially if you are in your ultimate mode.

Fifth and sixth item slots are for more damage again or for lifesteal or defense

You may build one armor and one magic res items. The most recommended defense items for Marksman are Brute Force Chestplate and Immortality.

Brute Force Chestplate is a recounter item for slow debuffs coming from the enemy.

Immortality gives you a second life and is very useful in lategame.

There are also items like Wings of the Apocalypse Queen which has a damage reduction plus lifesteal and Rose Gold Meteor which has a magic resistance and a bit lifesteal also.

Offensive items includes the following:

Blade of Despair - Burst Damage and Movement Speed

Windtalker - Movement Speed, Attack Speed and Crit Chance

Wind of Nature - Situational items against PHYSICAL DAMAGE only.

Malefic Roar - Counters armor and for faster pushing

Deadly Blade - Anti-HP Regen item

Corrosion Scythe - To have a chance of slowing opponents plus extra attack speed.

~~~ Miscellaneous Tips

1. Go Sidelane with a Lane Partner Tank/Support/Assassin

Since normal na solo top, bottom ang usual na lane mo. Depende sa kampi mo ang laning kasi minsan kasama ng Tank 'yong Mage kaya Assassin makakasama mo. Ang objective mo sa bottomlane ay makuha ang crab na mas malapit sa enemy territory. Then you may rotate papunta sa turtle afterwards.

2. Taking buff is situational. Minsan kasi hindi kumukuha ng buff 'yong kampi mo kaya baka may chance na makakuha ka. Pero not recommended. Prioritize mong ibigay ang buff sa Mage and Assassin sa Team mo.

3. Take Flicker as your spell kung wala kang mobility skill. Don't take retribution since it is for Fighter or Mage and Assassin commonly. Up to 2 Retributions users only sa team.

4. Be aware of your position and have a strong map awareness. This requires a player with a lot of experience in playing to enhance this ability further.

5. They say na ignore tanks but the truth is ignore tanks ONLY if the enemy mage/mm is out of position. Don't force yourself to the backline since it is the role of Fighters and Assassins. Always remember na dapat safe ka lang sa backline. You can kill tanks faster than Mages and your teammates since ikaw ang commonly na magbi-build ng Demon Hunter Sword and Malefic Roar.

Marksman Item Building Tips and Guide By: Kaito


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May 1, 2019
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Custom Marksman Emblem Full Guide

Max Stats

Phy Atk 17
Atk Spd 7.5%
Phy PEN 6
Phy Lifesteal 5%
Crit Chance 5%

~Tier 1

Bravery - Phy Atk

1 pt +4
2 pts +8
3 pts +12

Greed - Phy Lifesteal

1 pt +1.5%
2 pts +3%
3 pts +5%

Fatal - Crit Chance

1 pt +1.2%
2 pts +2.4%
3 pts +3.6%

~Tier 2

Doom - Crit Damage

1 pt +4.5%
2 pts +9%
3 pts +13.5%

Mastery - CDR

1 pt +1.5%
2 pts 3%
3 pts 5%

Swift - Atk Spd

1 pt 1.5%
2 pts 3%
3 pts 5%


Weapon Master

Physical damage gained from equipment increases by 10%

Electro Flash

Within 1.5 seconds of dealing damage with basic attacks, movement speed is increased by 40% and regenerates HP equal to 30% of hero's physical attack. Cooldown is 10 seconds.

Weakness Finder

Basic attack has a 20% chance of reducing target's movement speed by 90% and attack speed by 50% This effect has a 2 seconds cooldown (Not effective for melee heroes)


For the tier 1, you may choose Bravery or Fatal. Why not Greed?

You won't even feel the physical lifesteal in early game.

For the tier 2, you may pair Bravery with Swift and pair Fatal with Doom. Why not Mastery?

Marksman do not rely much on skills.

For the talent, it depends on your playstyle

Weapon Master is good to increase your physical damage.

Electro Flash is for Movement Speed

Weakness Finder is for that Movement Speed Debuff.

The most common Marksman Emblem talent use is Weakness Finder since today's a CC META.

~~~Suggested Marksman Emblem Talent for SOME Marksman

1. Claude - Weakness Finder
2. Karrie - Weakness Finder
3. Roger - Electro Flash
4. Moskov - Weakness Finder
5. Granger - Electro Flash
6. Yi Sun Shin - Weakness Finder
7. Miya - Weakness Finder
8. Irithel - Weapon Master
9. Clint - Weapon Master
10. Lesley - Weapon Master
11. Hanabi - Electro Flash
12. Bruno - Weakness Finder
13. Layla - Weakness Finder