Marvel Comics' New Avengers Team Movies 

Roviel Villapana

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Sep 18, 2014
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Remember the new Avengers team on the comics that was teased days before? we did some digging and guess what 4chan users did it again this time by leaking the new teams lineup as well as the cover it self.

Here is the new avengers lineup

  • Longtime android Avenger The Vision
  • The new female Thor
  • Someone in an Iron Man suit (people think this is Tony Stark's confidante/girlfriend Pepper Potts)
  • Freshman hero Ms. Marvel
  • The Miles Morales Spider-Man TV show
  • Teenage cosmic adventurer Nova
  • The latest Captain America, Sam Wilson, formerly known as the Falcon when he was the partner of original shield-wielder Steve Rogers because he got old.
So what do you think of the lineup it will take years for this to be adopted in movies or might get rebooted unless people like them.

Source: 4chan