MARVEL Super War Reveals Collaboration Skins for Marvel's Movie Black Widow! Taskmaster on His Way to the Wakanda Battlefield

Speaking of the movie that Marvel fans have long been waiting for, it is definitely Black Widow. Even though the movie is now postponed, players can still experience the charm of Black Widow in Marvel’s first MOBA mobile game MARVEL Super War. It has recently announced its new in-game event as a collaboration with Marvel Studios' Black Widow.

Black Widow a.jpg

Brand new movie themed skins are obtainable in the game during the 1.5-month event, and the imposing antagonist of the movie – Taskmaster will also be joining the game as a new playable character soon!

Black Widow b.png

Black Widow c.jpg

Based on the in-game images, Black Widow dons the same "White Tactical Suit" she is revealed to be wearing in multiple movie trailers and posters. The Suit is exhaustively recreated in MARVEL Super War – from Black Widow’s billowing red hair, the sleek texture of the suit, to her favorite Widow's Bite, recreating your favorite combat effects from the movie in the game. In addition, Taskmaster's movie outfit will also be recreated in the game in its full mystique.

Black Widow d.png

According to MARVEL Super War’s official announcements, also underway in the game is a series of rewarding events designed for the freshly available collaboration skins and Hero. Coinciding with MARVEL Super War’s new season, Marvel Studios' Black Widow collaboration event has also begun on October 10th! Players can take part in activities for various rewards, including limited-edition avatars, avatar frames, and chances for lottery draws! Even more excitement is in store, as all players will have a chance to recruit the new Hero Taskmaster, for free! During this collaboration event, players can log into the game for 7 consecutive days to obtain Taskmaster Recruitment Token, and recruit Taskmaster as soon as he becomes available!

Black Widow e.jpg

What role will Taskmaster take on in MARVEL Super War? How would a villain, whose ability is to replicate combat moves of others, be replicated in the game? How would you design Taskmaster’s skill set? Taskmaster and his movie themed skin are expected to become available in the game soon. Don't miss out if you're a Marvel fan!

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