Mass Effect: Andromeda Teasing New Multiplayer Difficulty Mode PC PS4 XBox One 

A new difficulty will be released on Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer mode. In a new trailer, developer BioWare and publisher EA have teased Platinum difficulty for the game's Apex multiplayer missions, This will allow players to take their skills to a higher level of competitive scheme. The Platinum missions join Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels for more skilled players.

The trailer also appears to tease a new race for Andromeda: the batarians. One is seen in the video above, despite not being found in Andromeda to this date. The species was seen in the original trilogy, most notably in Mass Effect 2.

The news comes just a few days after reports emerged that Andromeda would not be getting any single-player DLC and that a sequel had been shelved. They followed previous reports that EA had put the Mass Effect series on "hiatus" and scaled down BioWare's workforce.

source via Mass Effect Wiki