Mass Effect: Andromeda Update Patch 1.06 Released PC PS4 XBox One 

Mass Effect: Andromeda latest update is now available which fans are eagerly waiting, The new 1.06 patch makes changes to a wide variety of areas, although the patch notes and BioWare's accompanying explanation doesn't provide much insight into precisely what's changed on all fronts. Bioware announced that some cinematic scenes had made major improvements for high quality videos.

Elsewhere in the patch, conversation options should no longer be greyed out when there is new dialogue still to be heard, chest armor now has level requirements, and performance and stability have been improved. Among the bugs addressed is one that sees SAM tell Ryder he has email when he does not.

Players who purchased either the Deluxe or Super Deluxe editions of Andromeda receive some new freebies with this patch: two Nomad skins, a casual Pathfinder outfit, and an exclusive pack for multiplayer offering high odds to get an ultra-rare item.

source via BioWare Blog