Massive Update! NetEase Games' Survival Looter-shooter, Badlanders, Drops FPP Mode & Large Indoor Map

NetEase Games' in-house developed all-new survival competitive mobile game, Badlanders, is set to give its players an early Christmas present with long-awaited first-person perspective mode, expanded battlefields, time-limited festival events and rewards from 23rd December. A variety of exclusive updates are waiting, making this Christmas full of infinite possibilities. Gear up and get ready to enter the hot zone of riches and danger!

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FPP Mode

The new first-person perspective mode not only enhances immersion but also adds more variables to the battlefield. In FPP mode, the enemy may lurk behind you, waiting for a chance to strike. Of course, players could also sneak up and take them out with a single blow. A keen sense of spatial awareness, a calm mind, and being able to seize opportunities are vital to strive in this new mode. Get ready to loot and shoot like never before in the new FPP mode. Feel the action up close in first-person and enjoy a truly immersive, enhanced shooting experience.

Large Indoor Map

A large indoor map has arrived, the battle for riches has moved inside. This all-new map offers badlanders a fresh and exciting experience. Be prepared for more in-your-face shootouts as enemies may ambush around every corner. Intense defense and assault firefights await badlanders who'll have to adjust their strategies to accommodate the new map.

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Weapon Skins, DIY Customization

More than 10 new custom weapon skin themes have been added, such as jungle, desert, stripes, digital, and more. Special time-limited skins are also available just for the holidays. With a wealth of accessories and attachments to modify your weapons, be sure to always look your best on the battlefield!

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Holiday Season Events and Rewards

To usher in the holidays, exquisitely prepared Christmas events, holiday appearances, weapon skins, titles, and avatars will all drop with the update. Badlanders can customize their look with unique titles, avatars, appearances, and weapons. The stimulating Top Agent Challenge also introduced to the game. In this series of challenges, the total value of the spoils is the only measure of success. Those who make it through to the final will be honored by having their names emblazed on the leaderboards and earn exclusive titles, medals, plus time-limited appearances.

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Explore a new and improved Badlanders this Christmas. Join now, outwit and outgun your opponents, enjoy the new survival competitive play, and experience the pleasure of plunder.

To the victor belong the spoils!

About Badlanders

Badlanders is an all-new survival competitive mobile game developed by NetEase Games. 25 treasure hunters, called badlanders, each with their own objective enter the battlefield to seek spoils. Take enemies head-on to strip them of their loot or slowly build up an arsenal from chests scattered across the map. But don't get too distracted, finding valuable loot and getting it out in one piece is the main objective here.

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