Master of Seas, New Corsair Class Now Available on All Platforms of Black Desert

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new pirate class Corsair is now available in Black Desert across all platforms. Adventurers can now play this pirate and start exploring the vast oceans of Black Desert.

Corsair became the master of the seas after discovering a magical ocean treasure using the heirloom of the Crows. Born into a wealthy and prosperous family, Corsair is a free-spirited and extroverted character who is eager for freedom and adventure.

Following Nova, Corsair is the second class to be released simultaneously across the globe. She is the perfect class for summer as she interacts with the ocean when using her skills. Her main weapon is the Serenaca, a composite blade that can be extended to an incredible length. She also uses the Mareca as her sub-weapon, a magical seafaring object she wields to transform herself into a mermaid and bring powerful waves crushing down upon her enemies.

In addition, the Summer Season has begun in Black Desert for PC and console. The special season has returned with more benefits and rewards. Using the new item, Fughar's Timepiece, Adventurers can transfer the gear and level of their currently played character to other characters. Growth Pass has also been introduced to allow Adventurers to continue to enjoy growing their characters even after they have graduated from the Summer Season.

To celebrate the arrival of Corsair, each platform will run its own in-game events that will reward Adventurers with special items. More information about the new class and all special events can be found on the official websites of Black Desert PC, mobile, and console.

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