Master the Elements : Elemental Resonance and Reactions in Genshin Impact

With nations having their own elements to represent, it is interesting to see the world built in Genshin Impact. With each nation, a different element, the MC will definitely be able to wield the elements soon like the Avatar. So while that is fun and dandy, there are things to consider in the game which can definitely change the way you play it. Let's talk Elemental.

Genshin Impact Elements a.jpg

First, let us talk about Elemental Resonance, it is a mechanic in the game which is not explained well and it can bring out the best of team compositions if used well. Elemental Resonance works if there are a certain number of combinations in your team that can bring about the effect.

For example, if you 2 Anemo Elements which represents the Wind Element, you gain an effect called "Impetuous Winds" which lets you use less stamina, increase movement speed, and finally, shortens skill cooldown, right now it is one of the strongest resonance for exploring which is a huge amount in terms of gameplay.

But if you like to have a stronger team in battle, why not try creating a team with two Pyro units? In this way, you can get the "Fervent Flames" Resonance. This effect can net you up to 25% increased attack in the game, although it comes with a drawback that you will be affected by Cryo more often. With that in mind, we advise you guys to plan your team wisely and equip it based on what enemy you will be facing.

Genshin Impact Elements b.png

Next thing we will talk about are elemental reactions. Players of the game know that this is the bread and butter of combat. Mastery of Elemental Reactions can let you best a lot of enemies once you know how this operates. Shown below is the Elemental Reaction Chart that is created by Reddit user "sunmolk". The chart is beautifully well-done and explains what elements react to each other. One of the things you can see there is that an Electro user can be very versatile in the game.

With Overload, Superconduct and Electro-charged as their reactions, that indeed is something that can be game-changing if you have them. Others have a great supporting effect such as Swirl which spreads the elements to others for a chance of a stronger and more potent elemental reaction and finally, there is Crystallize which lets you have a shield depending on the element it affects.

Genshin Impact Elements c.png

Mastering these elemental effects can help you win a tough fight and have an easier experience in the game. You'll be surprised how a boss can fall if you create a reaction that can shred their lives. It truly is amazing! So go out there and learn all the possible combos in the game or join the discussion in the Genshin Impact PH forum.