Mastercard opens its Mastercard Gamer Academy for gaming and esports enthusiasts

Global fans of video games and esports are welcome to apply for the Mastercard Gamer Academy. Ten players will receive the contacts, guidance, and skill sets necessary to turn their passion for esports into a career through Mastercard's groundbreaking development initiative, which will also promote a more diverse gaming community.


As the world's first global partner of League of Legends, the largest esport in the world, Mastercard is a trailblazing brand in the gaming and esports industries. The company expanded its sponsorship of esports earlier this year to include VCT Game Changers and the Valorant Champions Tour, the world's fastest-growing and most diverse esport. The Academy is powered by the international esports company G2 Esports, which fields four women's rosters in popular games including League of Legends and VALORANT and leads the drive in representing women's teams in esports.


Benefits of Joining Mastercard Gamer Academy​

  • All-expense-paid travel to the G2 Esports headquarters in Berlin and backstage passes to the 2024 League of Legends World Championship and 2024 Valorant Champions, among other important esports events.
  • Access to seasoned League of Legends and Valorant teams, as well as the G2 Hel and Gozen squads for men.
  • Discussions with eminent mentors both in person and virtually; other programs will center on resilience, mental health, and allyship.
  • A thorough instructional program that addresses a variety of topics, including marketing, content development, event planning, and brand engagement.
Highlights from the curriculum will be recorded in a number of episodes so that viewers may enjoy and discover more about the different opportunities in gaming and esports. Interested candidates must fill out an online form, upload a video showcasing their love of gaming and esports, and submit their entry through the Mastercard Gamer Academy website.


The submission window closes on December 17, 2023. Anyone over the age of 21 from anywhere in the world is eligible to participate in the program. Void where forbidden. There are limitations and restrictions. Visit the Mastercard Gamer Academy official website to view the Official Contest Rules and apply.