MAT 2 Coming to PH

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May 2, 2018
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MAT 2 is coming back with more PVE and better structure FPS for all

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MAT 2 or better known as Mission Against Terror 2 is a casual FPS that is focused on the fun and exciting FPS games that is rare in the FPS market. Customize guns and skins to look the way you want in the battlefield. Dance your way to victory as you will have an added third person view in the game and gain an upper hand on your enemy with your extended peripheral vision

PVE content

MAT 2 has been famous with its PVE content ever since it launched . The new PVE content focuses on 4 great mysterious beat appearing from nowhere to terrorize the land of MAT , Your job as a soldier is to take them on with your friends and earn the loots of the boss fights. It could be real challenging and lots of fun to anticipate while playing this mode.

Battle Royale

MAT 2 has redesign Battle Royale in a way so different from other Battle Royale games. Its lower requirement graphics in BR makes the game much more optimized and better performing for low tier devices to high end devices. We listen to all out MAT 2 player feedbacks and we want them to get the best Battle Royale experience always. Be the last man standing in our Battle Royale