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Sep 6, 2017
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What's up,

CodePirinha is a small independent game development studio from Spain composed of two members. Our first game is called Match 2 Kill and it's a mobile free2play action-puzzler, kind of midcore.

Puzzles belong to the ubiquitous match 3 subgenre (like Bejeweled or Candy Crush) however this is not a turn-based game but a real-time one where the matches made in the board trigger all kinds of effects on an action scene in which the main characters, Chloe and Ryan, struggle to defend themselves from relentless hordes of cute zombies, in a cartoon styled apocalyptic setting.

Additional info and screenshots available here:

Our plan is to release Match 2 Kill in both Android and iOS platforms. We have recently soft launched on Google Play in selected countries (Chile, France, Hong Kong RAE, Iceland, Philippines, Singapore, and Spain).

Game listing on Google Play

We invite you to play it and send your feedback!


Thanks for your attention!

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