MaxSun launches its RTX 4070 Ti iCraft graphics card

Currently, there’s only one RTX 40 GPU that has been launched by MaxSun and it is the RTX 4080 iCraft. But recently, there has been an addition to the RTX 40 GPU and it is the newly released 4070 Ti. Both have a 3-slot design with 3 fans and use the same white cooler design.

MaxSun RTX 4070 Ti iCraftt.jpg

The MaxSun RTX 4070 Ti iCraft is powered by AD104 GPU with 7680 CUDA cores. This model is factory-overclocked with a boost clock set to 2685 MHz (+2.9%) and increased default power to 300W (+15W). The same with RTX 4080 iCraft, the card is 33 cm long but the only difference is that the card is thinner by 4 mm.

MaxSun RTX 4070 Ti iCraft2.jpg

MaxSun RTX 4070 Ti iCraft4.jpg

The 4070 Ti iCraft is equipped with M-Flow cooling solution and Skylight RGB lighting system with the on/off lighting switch on the side. It is powered by Ada Lovelace architecture as well as the magical powers of Enchantment Heart Princess, an anime character created by MaxSun artists.

MaxSun RTX 4070 Ti iCraft1.jpg

A good call for the makers of the cards, thanks to the anime/waifu branding, the MaxSun RTX 4070 Ti iCraft is having great sales in Asian countries such as China, Japan, or Malaysia. However, the same could not be said in western countries.