May 2023 Mobile Legends leak are new skins, heroes, events and more

Month of May is here, and it will bring with it a number of skins, events, and perhaps a new Hero for Mobile Legends. Numerous events, including the well-liked All-star event, which also brought with it a number of skins like the Promo Diamonds event, a recently released collector skin, a Transformers event, a Surprise Box event, and a Lucky Flip event among others, were featured in April.

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass for May 2023
Clint Collector skin


Dawning Stars
MOONTON Games has officially posted a teaser for the upcoming Dawning Stars event. The Dawning Stars event is expected to bring back all Superhero skins available in the game. The Superhero skins include:


  • Bruno Superhero skin
  • Esmeralda Superhero skin
  • Chou Superhero skin
  • Lancelot Superhero Skin
  • Valentina Superhero Skin
Exorcist Skins Event


The Exorcist Skins event, which will debut in May, is another eagerly anticipated event. Wow, the Exorcist skins event, which made its debut late last year, will return in May. The Exorcist Skins event would, however, be making its debut this time with an additional two exorcist skins for heroes, Granger and Hayabusa.

2023 MSC Event


The MSC event is yet another forthcoming occasion. Due to the special event-only MSC tagged skins it produces, this event occurs roughly every year. This time, however, it will make its debut with the Atlas MSC skin, which is both a skin and prize that is event-specific. Additionally, it would be distinguished by an occasion that would allow players to bypass MSC skins like Pharsa's and Claude's MSC skins.